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I don’t know about you, but I waited up till midnight waiting for her album to be released on Spotify. And if you’re anything like me, you have been listening to her album non-stop for the last five days. At this point, you probably have a favorite song from her album already, am I right? Who’s ready to be first in line for her concert? I am of course.   

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The first song on her album is called “Imagine.” Now you can’t help thinking, who is this song about? This seemed to be a pretty romantic song, a dream about a get away to a romantic place with your lover. There’s some controversy that this song is actually about Mac Miller. Mac Miller had a tattoo of the word “imagine.”  In her song, this world she is describing is nonexistent, so it could be possible that this is about Mac Miller.  Or at least even if this song is not really about Miller, we can still imagine that it is.

Her next song is called  “Needy.” To me, this song is what every girl thinks about in their life. There’s two lines of lyrics that stand out drastically for me.

                                                                        I’m obsessive and I love too hard

                                                                       Good at overthinking with my heart

Every single girl in the world can relate to these two lines of the song.  Although people have this idea that they should be independent, especially in a relationship, Ariana sings here that it feels good to be needed. I can’t begin to imagine what was going through her head when she was writing this song, thinking about Mac Miller’s overdose and her called off engagement. I think the overall message of this song is to show your significant other that you care for them and that you need them in your life.

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One of my favorite songs on her album is “NASA.”  Everyone needs space in every relationship and this song is really advertising that. She’s saying the more time we spend apart, the better it will be when we’re together. I thought it was clever how she used words like space and universe to basically mean that she’s out of this world and the other person, like NASA, is down on Earth. I liked how she throw in a quote from Neil Armstrong in the opening of the song. It’s very women empowering.

Now obviously I have more than one favorite song on this album.  The last song I will be going over is “Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored.” Absolutely my top favorite. If you haven’t watched the video for this song, I suggest you go drop what you’re doing and watch it right now. The twist at the end of the video has me breathless. There’s been some debate about the meaning of the song, and I’m sure Ariana has a meaning for it, but it also leaves it open for viewers interpretation.

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All together there are twelve songs on this album.  I promise you they are all amazing and leaves you wanting more from her. This album did not disappoint. Ariana Grande is an amazing artist who has gone through a rough time and you can here this through these songs. 

Meaghan McDevitt is a Siena College Class of 2021 alumna. She studied Psychology during her time at Siena.