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For me, personally, buying from and supporting brands that are sustainable and affordable are important, however, it is also very important for me that the brand I am buying from is supportive of everyone, no matter what gender, race, or religion. I am particularly interested in brands either founded by women or who are very supportive of women and their needs. Being a business student, I one day hope to have my own company and seeing strong, powerful women entrepreneurs is inspiring as a grow older. The brands listed below are just some of the many brands that have either been founded by women or are just supportive companies.


Aerie is a brand that sells underwear, lounge wear, accessories, and much more. Although not fully founded and led by women alone, Aerie has been one of the front runners in the industry for becoming a more positive brand for shoppers. They began to stop retouching photos using photoshop, and decided to make their mission to support women of all shapes and sizes and try to instil confidence in their consumers. They have a wide range of sizes available to fit each person’s needs, and because of all these changes have created a widely positive reputation for their brand. 

Wild Rye 

Wild Rye was a company founded by a woman who started this company to make outdoor apparel and skiing basics for women. The clothes are known for being well fitted, good quality, and soft.


Mejuri is a fine jewelry online only seller who was founded by a woman with the hope of encouraging women to buy jewelry for themselves and not just wait until they have a man to buy it for them. They sell jewelry that fits many different personalities and people’s tastes. 


Swell is a company that sells reusable water bottles. A women started this with the hope to try and eliminate plastic water bottles. This company has grew very popular in a short amount of time due to the creative designs and color combinations for the water bottles. 

The Honest Company

The honest company sells products such as baby, beauty, and home goods products. This company is a female led company as well as was founded by a woman. This company also donates products to families and children in need by using some of their profits. 

Recently brands have really taken into account what their consumers think of their company, and with sustainability and body positivity becoming more prevalent it has become very important. Being a company that was wither founded by a female or just women led gives younger girls more role models in the business field helping to inspire them. 

Caroline is senior at Siena College. She is an Accounting major with an Information Systems minor. She enjoys hanging out with friends, traveling, going to the beach or lake. She also enjoys finding the best local restaurants in Boston and exploring the city.
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