Siena Fest Survival Guide for Freshmen

Ahhhh, I remember my first Siena Fest. Kind of. Siena Fest can be the most fun weekend of the year, but things can definitely get a little hectic if you don't know what it'll be like. As a senior at Siena who's going on my 4th and final Siena Fest weekend, here are my veteran tips for making your Siena Fest weekend as safe and fun as possible!

  1. 1. What to bring & not to bring to the concert

    When you're entering the concert on Friday, there's going to be a few things to keep in mind before you go in. The line will probably be pretty long, so keep that in mind before you get there when you're trying to plan your timing. Make sure to bring your ticket and ID to the show and have them out and ready before you get to the doors so that you can get in as quickly as possible. If you have a guest, you will need a hard copy of their registration and a photo ID for them too! Remember not to bring any bottles, containers, or just anything sketchy into the show because they do have checks and metal detectors at the door. Also, I would recommend having either a very small fanny pack or make sure you have pockets somewhere to hold all of your stuff. They don't let you bring bags in, so don't cause yourself a hassle by bringing one.

  2. 2. Don't be a hot mess at the concert

    It's inevitable that most people will be drinking for the concert on Friday night. I know this can happen to the best of us, but please try not to be that girl who is falling all over the place before you even enter the concert. You can definitely pregame and have a good time, but I've seen too many people who are just hot messes at the Siena fest concert and it's not necessary. First of all, if you look too messed up, they might not let you into the show. You also want to be able to enjoy yourself, and it would suck if you were that friend who didn't get in or who got sick while you were there and had to leave early. The concert also doesn't go that late, and there's honestly plenty of time to keep drinking afterwards. You will be much happier if you're able to remember the concert and enjoy yourself while you're there.

  3. 3. What to expect at the concert

    Like pretty much any concert, the Siena Fest show can sometimes get a little rowdy. If you really care to see the artist who is performing, I would try to get there quite early to ensure you can get up front at the show, because the crowd builds up fast and people will definitely be swarming the stage. If you don't care that much about being close to the artist and want to have some room to dance around with your friends, there is usually plenty of room in the back where you can roam freely. Like I said, some people there are going to be hot messes, so if you want to avoid that, step back from the crowd and stay towards the back so you have a bit more room. Since it is so crowded and dark, I would also really try to stay with your friends/group at all times. It's super easy to lose track of them and sometimes you don't get service in there, so don't go off without your friends or leave anyone alone because it could be hard to find them again. Also, there is no re-entry to the show, so make sure if you leave you won't want to go back in again.

  4. 4. Pace yourself

    Obviously most people are drinking all weekend long, so it is really important to try to pace yourself. If you go way too hard on Friday night, you will be sick all day long on Saturday and miss out on the whole day. It is much more enjoyable to drink a little bit by bit instead of having too much all at once. That way you can really enjoy your whole weekend (and remember it, too!). You will be sad to miss out on all the fun activities if you don't make it through both days.

  5. 5. Don't sleep all day Saturday

    After a long Friday night, it might be tempting to sleep in on Saturday, but I highly recommend making yourself wake up early, get dressed, and get out there to enjoy all the things going on during the day on Saturday. There's all kinds of yummy food, rides, and activities to do, but sometimes the lines can get long and you miss out on them if you go too late. For example, last year they had a tarot card reader, but I didn't get to go to it because I went too late. It's definitely ideal to get to the carnival as early as possible so that you can do all of the activities you want to and then you can chill out for the rest of the day.

  6. 6. Bring out your best outfits

    If you like fashion at all, Siena Fest is the ideal time to get dressed up and go all out with your outfits. A lot of people like to pick out fun outfits specifically for this weekend so that they look Coachella-ready. Also, a TON of pictures will definitely be taken, so be sure to bring out your favorite outfits so that you're looking your best for cute photos with your friends.

  7. 7. Necessities for chillin outside all day

    On Saturday, you will basically be hanging out outside all day long. Whether it looks sunny out or not, you will be exposed to the sun's rays so be sure you wear sunscreen, SPF lip balm, and sunglasses when you're outside for a long time.