Siena Fest Accessory Essentials

Siena Fest is just around the corner, so every fashion-forward Siena student is preparing their outfits for the weekend like it's Coachella. If you're looking for some cute festival-inspired accessories to complete your look, here's your guide to some must-have Siena Fest pieces!

  1. 1. Belt Bags / Fanny Pack

    As everyone knows by now, fanny packs are back and they're the perfect accessory for a concert or festival. These little purses are stylish and a super cute way to add a pop to any plain outfit. They come in so many styles and colors that the possibilities are endless. On top of being trendy, they're also super practical for a concert or music festival-- you can easily throw your phone, ticket, cash, and ID in there and you can hold onto them hands-free while you're walking around or dancing at the concert!

  2. 2. Western-Style Belt

    Western-style clothing and accessories are super in style right now and have always been a Coachella staple, so why not bring out some western fashion inspo for Siena Fest? These double-buckle belts are a cute addition to any outfit-- throw it over some jeans, a skirt, or a dress for a fun look!

  3. 3. Cowboy Boots

    Keeping with the Western theme, cowboy boots are also becoming super trendy. They're actually super practical for running around muddy music festival grounds, and honestly during Siena Fest, Siena's campus is no exception. Especially if you're planning on hanging out on the quad or Padua beach in the grass and mud, cowboy boots would be a fun addition to your festival look.

  4. 4. Funky Sunnies

    Funky sunglasses are my absolute favorite accessories hack to bumping up any outfit. Go for the wildest and most colorful style you can find-- now's your chance to rock them. Also, they look super cute in pictures and I've found that everyone comments on my fun sunglasses when I wear them, so they're kind of a conversation starter!

  5. 5. Layered Barrettes

    Barrettes are also such a fun accessory that you can add to any outfit. You could get a ton of colorful ones, sparkly ones, or more simple gold or pearl ones. Layer a ton of them to coordinate with your outfit and add a super-funky look to your hair.

  6. 6. Polaroid Camera

    This isn't really an accessory, but an instant Polaroid camera is a really fun thing to have for Siena Fest. What better way to save your memories of the weekend than some cute pics? Another good idea is getting a disposable camera-- you can get the photos developed and get both physical and digital copies sent to you!

  7. 7. Tumbler Cup With Straw

    If you have any accessory for Siena Fest weekend, this is definitely the one you need the most! A cute cup to drink any beverages out of is necessary, especially because you aren't allowed to have any open containers while you're walking around. Make sure that the cup is opaque on the outside because we also aren't allowed to have clear ones. Also, this is for Saturday when you're out on the quad, don't try bringing any beverages into the concert because they won't let you in with it!

  8. 8. Tons of Layered Necklaces

    This is the ultimate marker of a Coachella-inspired look. A ton of layered necklaces will add that extra bling to your outfit and dress it up a bit.