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Shane Fiust-Klink

This sweet, down to earth sophomore is this week’s Campus Cutie. When this Cross Country runner isn’t doing all of his Biology homework in the study rooms in Padua, you can find him participating in Best Buddies and the Bus Stop Club. Maybe you caught Shane in the library…wearing a balloon hat with whiskers painted on his face…?
Read on to find out more about this week’s Campus Cutie:
Name: Shane Fiust-Klink
Year: Sophomore, 2017 
Age: 19
Major: Biology
Birthday: October 4 
Relationship Status: Single
Her Campus Siena: What is one thing people do not know about you?
Shane: I like photography. I’m taking a digital photography class next year. 
Her Campus Siena: What has been the highlight of your two years at Siena so far?
Shane: Just getting to know all of my friends. I like the close-knit community. 
Her Campus Siena: Celebrity crush?
Shane: Jennifer Aniston 
Her Campus Siena: Favorite food?
Shane: Mashed potatoes. 
Her Campus Siena: You never leave your room without…
Shane: My bookbag! I’ve never left that in my room, which is kinda sad. 
Her Campus Siena: What is your ideal date?
Shane: Somewhere where we can get dressed up, maybe dinner, some good music. 
Her Campus Siena: What do you want to do before you graduate?
Shane: I’m learning guitar, so I would say get better at guitar. 
Her Campus Siena: What is one piece of advice you would give to an incoming first year student here at Siena?
Shane: Manage your time, because then it’s easy to have fun and do well in school. 
Her Campus Siena: Most embarrassing moment here at Siena?
Shane: Just the other day, I did Bus Stop Club and some of the kids painted my face and made me a balloon hat and I walked through the library with a balloon hat and a cat painted on my face. I got some funny looks for sure. 
Her Campus Siena: Siena girls are the best because…
Shane:  They are fun. They know how to let go of stress and let loose and have a good time.
Megan is a happy twenty-something exploring the possibilities of life.  She is the Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Siena and dreams of wearing high heels everyday to work. She can usually be found drinking coffee, working out to Taylor Swift, maxing out her credit card, or scribbling jibberish down in her planner. Follow her adventures on Twitter and Instagram @msalavantis. 
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