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Review: “Justice,” Justin Bieber Album

With the release of Bieber’s sixth album, Justice, this one presents a different message regarding justice that associates his music to a much broader and necessary topic. March 19, 2021 marked the release date and includes samples of the Martin Luther King Jr. Speech. By creating an album with such powerful lyrics, aspects of racial, religious, economic justice are outlined.

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Through catchy lyrics, to a sensational beat, the songs within this album present meaning as well as entertainment. Getting the point across that change is needed within society and bringing to light such controversial topics can be distributed through music.

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Songs such as “Anyone,” “Lonely,” “Peaches,” and “Hold On” being the top rated in the album present a vast variety of types of music. This being more slower with a relaxing beat, and others including a beat that you can jam out to. On the other hand, “Too Much,” “Unstable,” and “Somebody” offer a catchy tune but include various topics of strength, healing, and injustices that are present in society today. I think by including such topics, it presents such aspects of justice that younger generations can be aware of and be more interested in. Also within a few of the songs, his wife Haley is included and situations in which she has impacted his life for the better. Many may say that these songs could potentially provide meaning to such relationships, as well as their plans for the future. The Rolling Stone also mentions that “Justin Bieber has reached Number One on the Rolling Stone Artists 500 chart for his first time following the arrival of his new album, Justice, with almost 140 million streams since its release date”.

Not only does this album provide a wide variety of songs, it also includes meaningful pieces that raise attention to important issues. I highly recommend this album and hope you enjoy it too!

Magen is a Health Science major at Siena college. She loves the outdoors and being surrounded by nature. She is also the VP of club tennis and treasurer of Make a Wish on campus. 
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