Podcasts That Make You Feel Like You Are Having a Sleepover With Your Girlfriends

Ever since I began college, I have become slowly obsessed with listening to podcasts. I find that when I am doing basic tasks, such as folding laundry or even working out I love to listen to podcasts. They make it feel like you are having a conversation with someone and I have found some that make it feel like I am even just having conversations with friends from home. Sometimes college can feel a little lonely and just miss hometown friends, but by listening to podcasts it is easy to keep your mind focused on the present. Below I talk about some of my favorite podcasts that do make it feel like you are having a conversation with some girl friends, at a sleepover, for example. 


  1. 1. Pretty Basic

    youtube on phone

    Remi Ashten and Alicia McDonald, the hosts of Pretty Basic, are two YouTubers who have extended their entertainment to the podcasting world. I have been listening to this podcast since it began, and because they're two best friends they really give the vibe of just hanging out and chatting with some close friends. They tell stories about their love lives, hardships they've endured, funny night out stories, and so much more. They also are two very smart and business savvy women, so they talk about their journey of creating their own brands as YouTubers and also extending their talents past YouTube, for example, collabing with makeup companies. I really just like how much of a casual feel they create. 

  2. 2. That's Loaded

    Sarah Belle and Caitlin Bea, the hosts of That’s Loaded, also began as two YouTubers and began their own podcast together. I have been watching Sarah Belle ever since she began YouTube during her preppy phase and also started watching Caitlin Bea very early on. They have been some of my favorite YouTubers to watch simply because they are so relatable and are their authentic selves. I really enjoy how they both have evolved so much over the years and have begun creating such real and raw content. Their podcast is my current favorite because they just tell the best stories and have me laughing at the gym while working out. Similar to Pretty Basic, they are also two best friends. I love that because it reminds me so much of conversations I have with my best friends. 

  3. 3. Unsolicited Advice

    Unsolicited Advice is definitely a different feel then the first two I talked about above because the host, Ashley and Taryne, actually take listeners submissions and give them advice on so many different types of topics. From love, to family, to career, they discuss everything and really try to help their listeners in any way they can. When listening to this podcast it feels like you are having a conversation with a big sister or cousin. I really like how they look at situations from different viewpoints and give constructive advice. Even though, and they admit that they are no specialist in giving advice, it's nice to hear advice sometimes from someone you might find similar to your point of view. 

  4. 4. Wild 'til Nine 

    So even though Lauren and her boyfriend Jermey, the hosts of Wild ‘til Nine, wouldn't be considered “the girls'' in terms of the feel of the podcast, they do such a great job of just feeling like when you are listening you feel like you are just hanging out with some close friends and talking. I like how the dynamic is different than just two girl best friends, because them being a couple you are able to get a girl and also a guys perspective on certain topics which I find really interesting. They also have very funny and casual conversations as well as deeper episodes hitting on some topics that are more common than not but that people don't necessarily always discuss publicly. I really enjoy their back and forth dynamic and banter and they offer lots of great advice for couples as well. 

  5. 5. Happy Hour with Gretchen Geraghty

    Gretchen, who began Happy Hour, also happens to be one of my favorite YoutTbes simply due to her amazing positive energy. I love watching her videos because she also lived in Boston for a while and being from outside of Boston I always would find new places to eat or get coffee or shop due to her. When I found out she was coming out with a podcast I was so excited because her energy is just very upbringing and being closer to my age I found it is easy to relate to her. On her podcast she tells stories about so many different topics and she also has episodes where she brings in guests and those are definitely some of my favorites to just add more to the dynamic.

Even though I only have five podcasts listed above, there are so many people and celebrities that have their own podcasts out there. There is every possible category of podcasts, one of my favorite also being crime podcasts, but there is definitely something for everyone. On top of listening to podcasts while I do simple tasks I have also found that it makes my two and a half drive home go by much faster, which is always a good way to pass time. Podcasts are such a good way to not feel alone and also just something enjoyable to listen to, so go out and look for a podcast that interests you because you will not regret it!