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Please Don’t Make Me Leave My Undeclared Major

During senior year of high school, everyone is scavenging to figure out what they want to be when they grow up, and what major is going to get them there. How can we expect 18-year-old kids to know exactly what they want to spend the next 40 years of their life doing? Some people know exactly what they want, but the vast majority of us college students will end up changing our major at least once. For those of us who have come to terms with that statistic, the undeclared route calls our name. 

If you are a Siena Saint you know that when you sent in your application you had to choose one of three schools: Liberal Arts, Business or Science. I always knew I couldn’t handle science enough to be a doctor, didn’t like kids enough to be a teacher, and worked better in a rigid professional setting. With that in mind, I figured a business degree would be useful no matter what I did post-college. So, to the business school I went! Every student, declared or not, has to take an insane amount of cores, so many students can make it well into their sophomore year without even taking a class for their major. With all these cores to take, there was no reason for me to rush my decision making, and I was ready to take on my first two years at Siena without any idea where I would end up come graduation day.

I LOVE the business core. If you really pay attention, all the classes are interconnected in some way; and what one professor tells you can help you in another professor’s class. Take a class and decide if you really like it. If you do, great! Try some electives in that area! If not, abandon that awful subject. The business core is an all-you-can-eat ice cream buffet. Take all the flavors (or classes) you want and serve yourself a big bowl of your favorite (your major). 


Just as you’re living it up with your undeclared lifestyle, you receive that dreaded email from your advisor. Subject line: Sophomore advising sessions. You know this advisor is going to try and separate you from your precious major freedom. You were able to stall for a year and a half (maybe even two) but now it’s your moment of truth. Dear 19-year-old, decide your future right now.

Accounting major at Siena College, graduating May 2019. 
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