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Paulina Harron’ 17

You have probaly seen Paulina sitting at the main desk in the library or walking from class to soccer club practice. Paulina is known for putting others before herself and always having a good attitude, so of course she is this weeks campus celebrity.

Major: Enviromental Science

Favorite Quote: “Those who mind, don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” Dr. Seuss

Hometown: Brookfield, Connecticut

Class Year: 2017

Favorite Show: Friends

Favorite Food: My mom’s beef stew with rice, it is so good!

Favorite Drink: Milk

Fun Fact: “I have a birthmark in the shape of a star”


HC Siena: Favorite Siena professor?

Paulina: “Dr. Mazzone, because he was my Calculus 1 professor as a freshmen and he made calculus fun again for me.Dr. Mazzone and I have remained close during my time at Siena and sometimes my boyfriend Paolo and I go out to dinner with him and his girlfriend.

HC Siena: What are you involved in on campus?

Paulina: “I am a member of the enviromental club, I am a buddies coordinator for Best Buddies, as well as the vice president of the soccer club. I am member in operation smile, and I am part of the scripture club, we read the scriptures for the next mass and discuss it with Father larry. Also I do intramural sports, soccer, volleyball, basketball and handball.”

HC Siena: What are your goals for junior year?

​Paulina: “Thinking and planning more for the future and what I want to do with my major. I am also interested in running in road races for running, and right now just staying on top of school.”

HC Siena: What is your best memory at Siena so far?

Paulina: “My habitat trip to Salem North Carolina, in the beginning of the trip the only other person I knew was my boyfriend but towards the end of the first day all of us were joking around as friends. I remember there was a snow day one day and we all hung out in our pajamas and we played knockout inside. During the trip, it was my birthday and all of the other members made me a cake. However, the big surprise was my boyfriend Paolo got me tickets to a Maroon 5 concert at Madison Square Garden in the city and it was such a great time and birthday gift!”

HC Siena: Who is your life role model?

Paulina: “My mom, we are very close and she is my best friend, she’s taught me to be strong, be my own person and to strive for what I want. Also she’s taught me in life times may be tough but it’s important to stay positive.

HC Siena: What is one place in the world you want to travel too?

Paulina: “Colombia because my mother is from Bogota and I would love to see where my mother grew up and the culture she was around as a young girl. ”



My name is Nora Gleason, I am currently a senior at Siena College. I enjoy writing, communications, traveling and hanging out with my friends. I hope you enjoy the articles I post and if you ever need to contact me feel free too! 
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