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Nicole Peterson ’18 – Her Campus Siena Staff Member

Ever wonder who the wonderful ladies are behind the Her Campus Siena articles? This semester you’ll find out! Check back in every now and then for our profiles of each member of the amazing Her Campus Siena team. 

Name: Nicole Peterson

Year: 2018 / Senior

Major: Marketing with a minor in French

Hometown: Easton, CT

HC Siena: Why did you choose your major? 

NP: Honestly, I don’t know. I just kind of picked knowing that it had to do with business, innovation, creativity, and working with people.

HC Siena: Why did you want to get involved with Her Campus Siena? 

NP: I got involved kind of on a whim. I have always liked writing and wanted to have a space to try and do it more regularly.

HC Siena: What is your favorite part of working with Her Campus? 

NP: Meeting people from all different majors. I am involved mostly in clubs and societies that have to do with the School of Business, so Her Campus gives me a change to hang with a great group of girls who are studying all different things.

HC Siena: Out of all the articles you have written, which one is your favorite and why? 

NP: Probably one of the ones that had to do with landing internships. I am really passionate about my career path and I just want to help everyone pursue opportunities in their desired field.

HC Siena: What is something that makes you happy? 

NP: Ice skating. There is nothing like ice skating outdoors on a pond in the winter.

HC Siena: What would your memoir be called and why? 

NP: You know, I actually think about this a lot, but I have to say I never have really come up with one. Currently, it would probably be, “The Contested City and Me.” I just came back from spending a semester in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and I just feel like it describes where I am at in my life right now.

HC Siena: If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you bring? 

My copy of Pride and Prejudice, my pack of matches, and my George Michael CDs (“I’m Your Man,” “Careless Whisper”…needless to say, his death was quite the blow for me).

HC Siena: If you could choose a mentor, who would it be? 

NP: Oh geez this is a toughie…but currently it would be Countess Markievicz. The Countess, as she is commonly referred as, was a strong and influential woman during the Easter Rising in 1916 in Dublin. This was an instrumental movement in the Republic of Ireland’s push for independence. She also championed women’s equality movements. One of the most interesting things she did during her push for women’s equality was during the execution of the leaders of Easter Rising. When her other male counterparts were executed for their parts in Easter Rising and she wasn’t because she was a woman, she saw this as being incredibly unfair. She was ready to take the same punishment, even if it meant death like it was for her male counterparts. So with that, she devoted the rest of her life to establishing women’s equality movements and legislation, as well as continuing to fight for Irish independence.

HC Siena: Why do you think everyone should read Her Campus Siena?

NP: Because it dishes out insight, laughs, and helpful Siena and life hacks. Plus all the girls work really hard on it.

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