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New Years Resolutions You’ll Hear When You Get Back To School

1. “I’m not going to eat the fantastic New Hall Snyder Hall grilled cheese every day.”



2. “I won’t complain about walking to class in the freezing cold for the next few months.”



3. “I won’t even complain about having to get out of my warm bed.” 




4. “I’m going to start going to the gym every day.”



or if you already go to the gym, “I am not going to complain about all the random new people in the gym.”



5. “I’m going to stop hanging out with that guy who treats me poorly.”



6. “I’m going to start eating healthier.” 



7. “I’m going to stop ordering food past 1 a.m.”



8. “I’m going to study harder.”


Logan is a senior English major with a Writing minor at Siena College. In her spare time, she writes for both Her Campus Siena and her own blog The Peculiar Porter. This spring she is heartbroken to graduate but knows eventually she'll have to enter the real world. She loves Mexican food, has a weird obsession with cacti and candles, and enjoys traveling to quirky places. You can follow her on twitter or Instagram (@thepeculiarporter) to get a glimpse into her life.
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