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After recently going through a breakup watching rom com movies while eating my favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream has been my go to coping mechanism. You can never go wrong with a good rom com movie, so I’ve decided to share my all time favorites!

  1. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Although this movie is a three part movie series, I love all three movies equally. Throughout the entire movie series we go through Laura Jean’s love story with her. We learn about the boys she has liked throughout her life, but one remains constant throughout all three movies and that is Peter Kanvisky. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, shows the audience a somewhat realistic view into what a high school relationship can look like when it comes to dealing with drama from other friends and even ex’s from past relationships. 

2. A Walk to Remember

This movie is definitely a tear jerker so you’ll need to have a box of tissues nearby. Throughout this movie we follow the story of Landon, a high school senior who falls in love with Jamie. Their love story starts off when Landon has to participate in an after school activity and ask Jamie to help him learn his lines for the school play. As their relationship progresses and becomes serious, Jamie breaks the news to Landon that she is terminally ill and is no longer taking medication for her sickness. As time goes on, Landon proves that he truly cares about Jamie by sticking by her side no matter what and fulfilling everything on her wish list. The couple gets married and unfortunately Jamie passes away soon after that. Years go by and we learn that Landon went to college and became a doctor because of Jamie. This movie is the definition of a classic Rom- Com, a beautiful love story with a bittersweet ending.

3. Someone Great

I saved the best movie for last! Someone Great is not your typical Rom-Com movie but I still personally consider it to be one. Throughout the movie we watch the main character, Jenny Young go through a devastating breakup and pick herself back up with the help of her friends. Someone Great is a new take on the concept of most Rom-Coms, it shows the good and the bad.  We see her go through all the different phases of her breakup, but most importantly we see her start her journey of moving on and growing as a person.

Caroline Regan is a senior at Siena College. She is currently majoring in Communications with a concentration in marketing and a minor in management. She enjoys hanging out with family and friends, going on iced coffee runs, and listening to The Weeknd.