My Favorite Coachella Outfits From Instagram

With Coachella weekend two finally behind us, it feels like I've seen just about every single Coachella outfit there is to see on Instagram (basically I could have been there). I follow a ton of YouTubers, Instagram bloggers, and such who went to Coachella, so it was just about all I saw on my feed for two weeks. However, I can't complain because some of the outfits I saw that I thought were pretty cool. Although these definitely aren't the best outfits of all of Coachella, I thought that some of the people I follow on Insta had some rad 'fits.

  1. 1. Vanessa and Stella Hudgens

    It would be an actual sin to not put the Coachella queen herself at the top of this list. Vanessa didn't disappoint with her adorable silky pink floral dress (not pictured, she also wore fuzzy pink sandals to match), and her sister Stella's matching yellow one. Dreamy as always!

  2. 2. Brianna Knopf

    Bri is the graphic designer behind The Mayfair Group (you may have seen their adorable horoscopes posted on people's stories), and I'm always obsessed with her style. I love how she pulled in the neon trend with this adorable top and her chainmail glittery skirt is to die for!

  3. 3. Jenah Yamamoto

    Jenah is a model I've been following forever on Instagram. Although she would look good in literally anything, I love this nude sparkly sheer dress with the bodysuit underneath and the gold accents on her hat!

  4. 4. Caitlyn Rae

    I follow Caitlyn on YouTube, and tell me her head-to-toe glam cowgirl look isn't to die for! Her chaps with the fringe are especially to die for (sorry James Charles, she might have done it better). 

  5. 5. Kaelin Fox

    Okay, I'm pretty sure YouTuber Kaelin Fox won the Insta game with this Coachella shot. How amazing is this photo?! And on top of that, her outfit is absolutely perfect with her mesh starry sparkly dress and white Western accessories from her hat to her belt to her shoes. I am obsessed with everything about this.

  6. 6. Cartia Mallan

    This is just 100% couple goals. What is cooler than matching with your bae in trendy neon outfits at Coachella? I love Cartia's zebra pants so much.

  7. 7. Emma Chamberlain

    Everyone seems to hate Emma Chamberlain, but I'm personally a fan of hers and have been since she started YouTube. Either way, I think this outfit she wore to Coachella is super cool and I absolutely love the colorful striped pants she wore on Day 2 and how she coordinated her sunglasses to match. 

  8. 8. Claudia Sulewski

    Claudia killed it in this rocker girl outfit. I love how she took a different stance from all of the Western looks and went for something more edgy, especially these grommetted pants that are just to die for. Also, Claudia's boyfriend, Finneas, is actually Billie Eilish's brother and he performed at Coachella too. So let's just say I'm pretty jealous of her outfit and her life.

What did you think of these Coachella outfits? Maybe if you go to a music festival in the future you can use these Instagrammers' fits for inspiration!