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Mr. Siena 2021: Jake Fura

The annual mock beauty pageant starring select Siena students raises money for Habitat for Humanity, an international organization that works towards providing affordable housing to those who need it. Habitat has built more than 500,000 homes for more than 2 million people worldwide. The organization was founded in 1976 and has been helping low-income families find affordable housing ever since.

[bf_image id="27rkvw59jmh6559x8rq4csmm"] Now let's meet this year's Mr. Siena contestants:

Her Campus Siena: What is your name, school year, and major at Siena? 

Jake Fura: I’m Jake Fura and I’m a senior Accounting major. 

HCS: What made you want to become involved with Mr. Siena?

JF: I always liked the shows, and I finally had an opportunity to be involved so I just jumped at it.

HCS: Have you done any service trips? If so, where? Are you planning on doing any other service trips while at Siena?

JF: I haven’t.

HCS: Let’s give the people some hints...what special talent might we see at Mr. Siena?

JF: Maybe something musical, maybe something exciting, maybe both.

HCS: What would you like to say to the people of Siena?

JF: I just want to say that we have a good show for this year, and hopefully we can be the first step towards going back to “normal” like pre-COVID!

Don't forget to watch Mr. Siena this year via zoom! See you there on May 13th at 9 p.m.!

Alexandra is currently in her third year at Siena College on the path of communications marketing. She loves hanging out with her friends, family, and playing tennis. Instagram: alexandragazdik
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