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Melanie Moran ’19 – Her Campus Siena Staff Member

Ever wonder who the wonderful ladies behind the Her Campus Siena articles are? This year, you’ll find out! Check back in every now and then for our profiles of each member of the amazing Her Campus Siena team. 

Name: Melanie Moran

Class/year: Junior 2019

Her Campus Siena: What is your major/minor/certificate? 

Melanie Moran: Accounting

HCS: Why did you choose your major?

MM: I just kinda fell in love with accounting my sophomore year of high school.

HCS: Why did you want to get involved with Her Campus Siena?

MM: I love writing and thought this would be a good way to get my writing read by other people.

HCS: What is your favorite part of working with Her Campus Siena?

MM: I enjoy reading what the other girls write and being able to get to know everyone through the bondings.

HCS: What is your favorite thing about Siena?

MM: All of the business opportunities and the professors.

HCS: What would your memoir be called and why?

MM: How My Struggles Helped Me Succeed because I’ve dealt with a good amount of personal struggles, but I am stronger than ever from them.

HCS: What’s your favorite food?

MM: Chocolate chip pancakes.

HCS: If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you bring?

MM: A good book, matches and my journal.

HCS: What is your ultimate career goal?

MM: To be a forensic accountant for the FBI.

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