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Mark Amuso ’17

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Siena chapter.

Name: Mark Amuso

Nicknames: DJ Markie Mark the Shark and Moose

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Pittsfield, MA

Age: 19 (Birthday: July 7th)

Major: American Studies

Women Crush: Niykee Heaton and Jennifer Aniston

Man Crush: Ed Sheeran

HerCampus Siena: What are you favorite hobbies?

Mark: I really enjoy skateboarding, golf, bowling, hanging with my friends, and chilling with my dogs.

HC Siena: What is your favorite animal?

Mark: Well I love wolves, bears, giraffes, eagles, tigers, dogs and leopard/panther/mountain lion.

HC Siena: What song will be playing if you were on the runway?

Mark: Probably “Work Remix” or “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2” or “One Train” or “It Girl”.

HC Siena: What are your plans after college?

Mark: I really want to explore the world or open my own wild life sanctuary with many different animals.

HC Siena: What are your goals in life?

Mark: I want to run with the roos (kangaroos) in Australia some day, play one on one basketball with Stephen Curry, and tip toe in my Jordan’s with Riff Raff.

HC Siena: What is one thing people should know about you?

Mark: I won “Class Clown” at Pittsfield High School in 2013.

HC Siena: What is one thing that people don’t know about you? 

Mark: My grandfather won the noble prize in 1987.

HC Siena: Where is one place you want to go?

Mark: Australia (to run with the roos)

HC Siena: What is your typical outfit?

Mark: Hanes White Under Shirt ($1), Gucci Polo Shirt ($35), True Religion Joggers ($150), Ralph Lauren Polo Socks ($13), Ralph Lauren Polo Bucket Hat ($85), Air Force 1 with the strap ($100), Rolex Ruby Watch (50k), and F*** Cancer Bracelet (Priceless)

Emily Wojtkowski is a Siena College Class of 2018 alumna. During her time at Siena, she studied Marketing and also minored in Education.