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Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Disney Movies: Bambi

One of the many things I love about Disney movies is that there is a long tradition of adding cute animals into their narratives.  The best movies, however, are the ones that are all about cute animals. Take Bambi, for example. It has cute animals, great animation, beautiful music, and really important life lessons. What more could you ask for?

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1.  Never give up.

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As a baby, Bambi has a lot of trouble walking and just being able to stay standing up. He also, at first, struggles with learning how to speak. Thankfully, he doesn’t get discouraged. With the help of his new best friend Thumper, he keeps working at it and eventually masters these skills. This lesson is especially important for all of us college students. We’ve all had that one class that seems impossible to do well in. It would be really easy to wallow in uncertainty, but don’t forget that there are resources to help you. The Writing Center, Counseling Center, and your professor’s office hours are just a few. Never forget that there are many resources available to help you through tough times. And, you’ll feel so much better and really proud of yourself when you overcome those obstacles and accomplish what you didn’t think was possible.

2.  Your actions have consequences.

As we all know, the saddest part of Bambi is when we hear his mother get shot off-screen. This scene is an important reminder of a couple of things, one of which being that our actions have consequences. Granted, most of our actions will (hopefully) not result in a child losing his/her mother, but the point still stands. You should always think your actions through because you never know what could happen as a result.

3.  Time will heal.

Losing a loved one is always a difficult experience. It can sometimes feel like you will grieve forever, but time does heal. As Bambi grows up, he is able to move on from his mother’s death and continue living his life to the fullest. While no one will ever forget the ones we have lost, the pain will dull over time. Grieving is a process. It takes time, but healing can and will occur. In the movie, Bambi has his father and his friends to help him through his pain. Always remember that there are people around that can help you through your grief.

4.  Manners are important.

Thumper and his childish antics are adorable, but as his mother frequently reminds him…

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Don’t say anything at all. Manners are important. Having good manners equals having respect for those around you. It’s always important to show people that you respect them and that you care. Having good manners is especially important for college students. When going on interviews and making connections for future jobs and graduate school, it’s essential to put your best foot forward and make a good first impression.

5.  Don’t leave an open fire unattended.

I shouldn’t even have to say this one, but I will anyway.  he major conflict at the very end of the movie comes from the hunters who, after leaving a fire burning unattended, manage to burn down the entire forest. Don’t do it. Just don’t. Nothing else needs to be said for this point, so I will leave you with cute Bambi gifs.

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Rachel is a sophomore History Major and Women's Studies Minor hailing from Seneca Falls, NY. Her hobbies include reading, writing, spending time with friends, and spending more time than is humanly possible watching the TV show Once Upon a Time and reading/writing fan fiction. Her life goals include writing something that will later become famous and working as an important person at an important place.
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