Life Lessons I've Learned From Disney Movies: 'Alice in Wonderland'

If there is one Disney movie that represents everything we are supposed to learn as children, it is Alice in Wonderland. Despite being a cute children’s book and animated movie, it is also an important story about growing up. As with all Disney movies, there are some very important underlying messages that we can all learn from.

1.  Curiosity can get you into trouble.

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Alice’s problems begin when she decides that she wants to know where the White Rabbit is going. Although she even says to her cat that she probably shouldn’t be following him, she continues to do so anyway. While curiosity tends to be an irresistible force, giving in to the urge is not always worth it.

2.  Follow your own advice.

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This is a common problem for many people. We’re good at helping our friends when they need help, but we don’t follow our own advice when we’re in similar predicaments. It’s easy to give others advice because their problems may not be ours at that particular moment. However, once that problem is our own, it often seems like we are too close to the problem for the advice we have given others to make sense for ourselves. Despite this, you should always remember that if your advice is good enough for your friends and family, it is good enough for you too.

3.  Be wary of strangers.

While this one is more often directed to young children, it still holds true for people of all ages. You can’t always trust everyone you meet, so you should always be at least a little wary when encountering new people.

4.  Anything is possible in your dreams.

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Alice’s problem at the beginning of the film is that she feels her life is boring. There are often many things we wish we could do in our lives, some of which are completely impossible in reality, but anything is possible in our dreams. Your imagination is a powerful thing. Never be afraid to give in to it, even if it’s just for a little while, as it can make our sometimes dull lives seem that much better.

5.  Stop and think before you do things.

Most of the reason why Alice gets herself into trouble is because she is too impulsive. She acts without thinking things through, and ends getting herself into an even bigger mess than she was in before. If you stop and think before you do things, you’ll end up making smarter decisions and will save yourself a lot of trouble in the process.

6.  Knowing your identity is important.

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As soon as Alice gets to Wonderland, she is constantly being asked who she is. It seems like every time she is finally taking one step forward, she ends up getting pushed two steps back, all because she can’t explain to people who she is. While having the occasional identity crisis is completely normal, it is important to know who we are.  After all, we cannot expect people to help us if we don’t even know what makes us who we are.

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