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#JustSienaThings Described By One GIF

#JustSienaThings Described By One GIF

I may have found the best gif of my life so please enjoy.

When Saga has food


When you see your friend with an ~open container~


When you find a parking spot outside of your building

When there’s an open washer because they actually took their clothes out after it was done

When you go to Casey’s and it’s meal swipe time


When they give you an extra piece of crispy chicken on your wrap


When the townhouse doesn’t get busted

When the wifi works


When someone doesn’t hold the door for you

When Saga has M&M cookies


When you see Limmy working at the omelet station


When you pass your exam


When your teacher moves that due date


When the fire alarm starts to go off at Saga


When you see a freshman and you forgot how little they looked…and that you looked that young too


When there’s an open treadmill in the MAC


When you realize that this is the best gif you have seen in a long time


When you find out that there’s a longer version of this gif


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