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I Spent My Super Bowl with My Irish Friends and Here’s How it Went

To say none of us knew what was going on is an understatement.

Here in the United States, we go all out for our holidays. And not just our major holidays, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. We also allocate an equal amount of excitement and food to all our minor holidays, such as St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and the most sacred of all: Super Bowl Sunday.

When you’re away at school it’s much harder to keep up with family Super Bowl traditions especially if you can’t go home. I am one of those students who doesn’t have the means to get home, which means I’ve found other ways to keep up with the Super Bowl Sunday festivities. This year I made some friends from Ireland and they wanted to experience a traditional Super Bowl Sunday. Super Bowl started out like any other, going out to buy last-minute snacks and drinks for the big game. Let’s be honest it’s not Super Bowl if there isn’t a ridiculous amount of food. 

To kick off the night we started with some chips and dip then went to a local sports bar to get some wings and drinks. While we were out we started watching the first half of the game. As kick off approached I realized I knew nothing about football as I was peppered with questions about the game and what would happen. The only thing I knew was the Patriots were probably going to win. I tried explaining the game to the best of my ability but none of us got the full grasp of it. While trying to explain, I got a background on the Six Nations, which is almost like the Super Bowl of rugby but much bigger. 

So I guess you can say instead of coming out of the Super Bowl a newly converted football fan, I became a rugby fan. Like most of America, we were only in the Super Bowl for the food and commercials.

Miranda is a sophomore at Siena College. She is a creative arts major. Along with drawing her passions include writing, blogging, photography, reading as well as traveling. Miranda speaks four languages including Spanish. English. Portuguese and Italian.
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