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I Bought a Double Buckle Belt, and Here’s All the Inspo I Want to Recreate!

Soooo, I’m OBSESSED with a double buckle belt. Like HELLO, it’s such a fun way to add a little extra something to your outfit. 

So, I bought the Brianna Double Buckle Belt from Fashion Nova for $9.99. And I’ve only worn it once, with a floral skirt, a HCXOtank (obviously), and a jean jacket I thrifted. And it was so freaking cute! 

But I needed some inspiration before I bought it, because it’s kind of hard to style. 

So let’s dive in to the double buckle rabbit hole!

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I’m not usually a fan of Kendall Jenner’s fashion game, but I do appreciate a girl who can pull off a plunging top. And I love the way she took a monochrome outfit (which we live for) and added the silver detailing of the belt for an extra pop. I really draws your eyes to her center to show off some skin and to the shiny belt. 

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Since it’s still cold and definitely sweater weather, I love this look. The slightly oversized sweater with the basic jean is already a good combo, but a basic belt just wouldn’t pull this outfit together like the double buckle. And if you’re a girl like me who isn’t a fan of jeans, even a nice dark khakis would pair nicely. 

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For a girl who doesn’t like pants (me!), this belt won’t stop you. As you can see, you can pair this with a skirt or a pantsuit or even shorts! A basic belt doesn’t look cute with a skirt, but the double buckle fixes all your problems! 

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Have a dress that doesn’t do anything for your form? Well here you go! Snatch your waist and show off your waistline with a bit of a flashy belt. 

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First off, I wish I could afford this Alexander McQueen look! Second, this belt even works for a nicer dress too. It draws the eye to the waistline, and in addition, the detailing on the dress. 

Well there you go, ladies! Add a double buckle belt to your wardrobe, and you won’t regret it. 

The only tips I have is to try one on in person (if you can), because mine was too big for my waist. And remember, it goes OVER the belt loops, so if you don’t like the look of that, this belt might not be for you.

But seriously, go back a double buckle belt! It’s EVERYTHING.

Alyssa Guzman is a Senior at Siena College, and is the Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus Siena. She is currently Double Majoring in English and Communications Journalism with a minor in Writing and Communications. She hopes to one day be a New York Times Bestselling Author in Fiction, but plans on starting in the journalism world with dreams of writing for Cosmopolitan or the New York Times. In her free time, she enjoys fashion, writing, and listening to the newest Taylor Swift release. 
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