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How We’re Surviving the Rest of the Semester

Even though our Spring Break has come and gone, it’s that part of the semester where things are getting pretty tough. Whether you are applying for houses, classes, internships and jobs, or just trying to survive in general, life is stressful. Lucky for us though, Her Campus is hooking us up again with all of the best goodies to get us through.

In the midst of busy mornings, who actually has time to fuss with their hair every single day? If you’re anything like us, dry shampoo is your best friend. A little spray here and there and you’re out the door! Luckily, Her Campus threw us some samples of Psssst! Dry Shampoo. This dry shampoo actually works wonders and is the perfect size for traveling!

If there’s one makeup trend that is never going to go away, it’s lipstick. We got some samples of Charlotte Tilbury’s notable lipstick line “Hot Lips” and wow, are we in love! These mostly natural shades have us falling in love!

We all like being tan, especially since formal season is right around the corner, but tanning beds and spray tans come at a cost! So we were overjoyed when we discovered the L’Oreal self-tanning towelettes! Most of our tans are fading from spring break, so these were a welcome sight to see.

In the midst of all the crazy weeks ahead, planning out events and assignments is crucial. We are LOVING the absolutely adorable and handy Erin Condren planners! When our life is written down, everything is a little bit easier.

Be on the lookout for ways to win some of these goodies!



Megan is a happy twenty-something exploring the possibilities of life.  She is the Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Siena and dreams of wearing high heels everyday to work. She can usually be found drinking coffee, working out to Taylor Swift, maxing out her credit card, or scribbling jibberish down in her planner. Follow her adventures on Twitter and Instagram @msalavantis. 
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