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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Siena chapter.

Covid sucks, but there is no need to let that ruin your birthday while still social distancing! Thanks to Zoom, the new hangout spot, bring on the birthdays!  

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Get dressed up, put on some makeup or best yet hop in you’re favorite PJs and grab your computer. No need to worry about booking banquet room, a dinner reservation or planning rides! Just a few easy steps you can do from home and the best Zoom party ever is on its way. 
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First up, Invitation Time! 

You can create super cute e-invitations using evite, or even the good old Instagram or Snapchat story.  

Decorations, DUH!

Set a theme and price limit and have everyone get decorations to spice up their Zoom background surroundings! Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t be festive!

Set a Mood for the Party

Happy Hour, PJ party, dress up, brunch, you name it!! Everyone pours their own glass, prepares their own avacado toast and celebrate together!


Now that decorations and food and drink are covered, it’s time to celebrate!! Log on to Zoom and converse with your friends as usual! 

Sorry COVID-19, but you are no match for the best socially distant birthday parties ever! 

Emily is a senior Marketing student at Siena College. She loves being outdoors or doing anything with her friends, family or dog.