How to Prepare Your Little Brother for Siena Fest

Nearing the age of 17, my little brother is going to start thinking about college. Lucky for him, he has a second year college student as an older sister. What better way to get a feel for college, then to visit me! Consequently, (and totally not planned at all) this weekend is Siena Fest, the most eventful weekend of the year. There are a variety of fun events going on, ranging from a concert, a carnival, and a paint party! This is how I am going to prepare him for what to expect.

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  1. 1. Keep it cool in class on Friday

    If my little brother is going to spend a weekend at college, you better believe my mom is dropping him off as early as possible on Friday, to ensure he gets the whole college experience. This means he will get to enjoy three hours worth of classes filled with students who are itching for the weekend. I will be sure to remind him that typically students are more focused on regular class days.

  2. 2. Start listening to your Fetty Wap playlist

    On Friday night, Fetty Wap will be preforming at Siena! Going to a concert where you know all the songs is much more enjoyable, since you can sing (or rap) along. Hopefully my brother isn't embarassed when I sing every word to all of Fetty's songs.

    Check out this link for your very own Fetty Playlist, written by another one of Siena's authors, Carli Scolforo!

  3. 3. Get ready for the carnival rides

    During the day on Saturday, there are many carnival rides set up on the academic quad. I am determined to have my brother ride on every single ride, in order to get the full experince. I hope he doesn't get an upset stomach!

  4. 4. Make sure to bring white clothes...

    On Saturday night, there is a paint party! I would love for my brother to bring a nice white t-shirt (that is covered in paint) home as a souvenir! 

Now, my little brother will be ready for Siena Fest!