How I Stay Organized

Staying organized is super important, especially when you're in college because you are all on your own. Organization helps you get better grades, be happier, less stressed, and get things done in a timely manner.

  1. 1. Always Have a Planner

    A yearly planner is great for organization! I use the larger 8½ x 11'' ones that have monthly and weekly areas that you can fill out information for test dates, due dates, when to read textbook chapters by…etc.

  2. 2. Write Down Assignments as Soon as You Get Them

    By writing all your assignments down in your planner when you get them helps you stay organized and never forget when anything is due.

  3. 3. Fill Out Your Planner with Your Syllabus Information

    When you get your syllabi, read through them. If there is a section that plans out the semester for you, write it all out in your planner. Seeing things in advance helps you plan better and remember when you have things due.

  4. 4. Add Any Important Test Dates and Highlight Them

    Highlighting your test dates lets you know they are coming up. Seeing them highlighted lets you know you should start studying and reviewing information.

  5. 5. Have Different Notebooks for Each Class

    Having separate places to write down your class information and take notes in helps you know where everything is and lets you find things so much easier.

  6. 6. Type Your Notes into Google Docs After Every Class

    Typing out your notes helps you be able to read them better and review the information you just learned. This helps it stick in your memory better.

  7. 7. Organize Each Class on Google Docs

    Having organization within Google Docs is just as important as your organization of notebooks. Having separate folders within Google Docs allows you to find things easily and faster.

  8. 8. Do Homework a Few Days in Advance

    Getting things done before they are due saves you so much stress and unnecessary drama and worry in your life. Knowing you have it done before the due date allows you to know everything is set and you won’t be penalized for late work.

  9. 9. Review Your Weeks Schedule on Saturday

    Seeing what your week’s plan is in advance let’s you plan and be prepared. Knowing how much work you have coming up makes sure you're not blindsided.

  10. 10. Color Coordination is KEY

    Having everything you need for all your classes in the same color: notebooks, binders, folders, Google Docs folders, assignments written in your planner and even notes in your notebooks. All of this just helps you know what material is for what class.

Hope these tips help!