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How HC has Made Me a Strong Woman

At the beginning of the year, my sister told me that I should join Her Campus. I asked her what it was about, she said it was a club for writing. Automatically I was like, “No way! Is she crazy? She thinks I am going to write for fun?” Well, turns out, she was right! These past few months since I joined Her Campus, has been one of my favorite things! This club has been amazing, and I am doing things I never thought I would do because of my comfort zone. It is safe to say that Her Campus has made me a strong and (trying to get there) independent woman.

Here’s what HC has taught me! 

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Writing Skills

I have never been good at writing, at least that’s what I thought. I also never truly liked writing until I started Her Campus. Writing whatever I wanted though, did sound appealing. This club has let me write about anything and everything, something I am very passionate about: makeup, The Bachelor, challenges, and everything in between. I have been able to write about both those things. Writing about things that I am passionate about makes me feel good about my writing and my writing skills. My self-confidence has gone up a lot since I joined Her Campus!

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Comfort Zone

I am the type of person that once I meet you, I talk for days. It is just the getting me out of the house that is the hard part. In the beginning of the year, I was involved with HC. Now, I participate even more. I am training to take over the Social Media Coordinator position! Once I started being a part of the club and actually writing articles, I learned how much I loved it and that I wanted to be more involved. Throughout this whole experience I have made so many friends and have learned so much. I created my first ever YouTube video and created a channel for our club. I would have never thought I would be doing anything like that. I am doing something that I love and am passionate about and I am thoroughly excited to see what the Fall Semester brings!


I have learned so many things about myself through this club. I have found my passion! I have learned how to become a Social Media Coordinator (still in training). I have learned how to publish an article, which is crazy. I am an author! This has been so helpful, because many of my friends who are involved in the club, have questions and I am able to help them. I have become a leader, and I have never described myself as a “leader” before! Molding myself into this role has been a challenge, but it has been something that makes me me. I also learned what it takes to run a club, which is hard. I give props to everyone on the E-Board, and I am so thankful for them for teaching me.

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This club has done nothing but amazing things for me. I am branching out and becoming a strong woman. Without this club, I would not be able to do what I love. Creating content is something that has become so special to me! I get to create flyers, videos, posts, and everything in between. I am so empowered by the other women who are a part of this club, we can all learn a little from each other!

Alexandra is currently in her third year at Siena College on the path of communications marketing. She loves hanging out with her friends, family, and playing tennis. Instagram: alexandragazdik
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