How to Dress for Siena Shore

Siena Fest 2015 is finally here and it's the weekend that we've been waiting for all school year! With the snow gone, sun out, and spring here...what are we expected to wear for Siena Fest activities?

And what 3 day long party is complete without a theme? Our theme this year is SIENA SHORE which means it's time to break out the floral print, beach shorts, and flip flops!



One interpretation of SIENA SHORE is the nautical sailor theme which means you can't go wrong with your basic navy, tan, and red with just the right amount of stripes! Maybe it's a navy striped maxi dress or red shorts with a white tank? Guys and gals are bound to have some assortment of nautical gear somewhere in their closet. So set sail and start planning that ideal outfit!

Siena Fest doesn't have to mean all dresses and skirts. Sometimes a girl just wants to leave her room without fearing that the wind will flash her undies to the entire campus! If that sounds like your kind of outfit then break out the shorts or Capri pants (remember when those were popular?) Match them with a cute red, navy, or white tank and you have an outfit that won't have you clutching at your legs whenever the wind blows!

Why not break out the skirts now that the weather is so nice? Red, navy, stripes, tan? A skirt in any of these colors with a white tank and maybe a pair of cute wedges or gladiators? This outfit is effortless and forever fashion forward!

Maybe it's too windy to pull off the short skirt/dress look but you can never go wrong with the popular maxi dress! Maybe you have a striped one or a plain navy one? Both would be perfect for SIENA SHORE!

Wake up and the warm weather is gone? Tan pants with a navy striped shirt can give you both the nautical look while keeping you warm!

Guys, you can keep it simple with a plain white bottom up paired with navy shorts! Throw some Sperry's or Vans into the mix and you have a classic outfit.


Let's go to the beach! (Padua beach that is...)

If stripes are not in your vocabulary or you'd rather save the red, white, and blue for the 4th of July then maybe SIENA SHORE means beach apparel for you! The beach look can vary from the cliche floral button down to a fun tribal print romper!

We've all rocked the white tank & jean shorts combo over our swimsuits at the beach so why not break out this outfit for Siena Fest? Sunglasses and a pair of simple sandals complete this lazy day at the shore look!

The classic "All-White" outfit is a trademark summer look and every girl can spice it up with a splash of her favorite color!

Why decide between shorts or a dress when you can literally have it all? What's more fun than a floral print romper to brighten up your Siena Fest! F.Y.I if the forecast is accurate and it rains this outfit can be paired with a fashionable jean jacket.

Become a Siena Fest summer goddess with an outfit rocking the latest tribal prints! This dress has both a cool pattern, fun colors, and can be dressed up or down with gold accented jewelry.

Fashion for guys is pretty straight forward so notice the lack of navy or strips in this outfit, changing the look from nautical to boardwalk!

If the preppy polo shirt/shorts look isn't for you, maybe it's time to search for the "bro-tank" this weekend. The ever popular bro tank can be paired with board shorts to complete the "fun under the sun" beach look!