How to Boost Your Happiness

Sometimes one might find themselves in a rut and feeling down. Instead of looking to others to pick us up out of the funk, we must look within ourselves and find happiness. There are many ways one can boost their happiness on their own, and the task can be as short as five minutes.

1. Go for a Walk

Going out for fresh air can be one of the most relaxing tasks to do. Not only does it have the benefit of helping one calm down, but it also helps boost serotonin levels. Fresh air and vitamin D (sunshine) are significant happiness boosters. Unfortunately, in the winter months it is difficult to find lots of sunshine, so when you do, take advantage of it!

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2. Take Time to Reflect On the Good Stuff

At the end of each day, take time to either write down or type three good things that went on during that day. These do not need to be long, written responses, they can be as easy as a couple of words. The benefit of this is that it requires you to really look at what happened in the day, and appreciate the small things. Not only is this good to help you reflect at the end of the day, but it also helps one be mindful of how they act throughout the day.

3. Do a Craft

In my opinion, the best way to boost happiness is to do crafts. There is a sense of accomplishment once a craft is finished, and it makes one feel proud. One can simply color a picture, or make something completely from scratch. The sense of finishing something is very fulfilling and that leads to a sense of accomplishment and happiness. Great places to find projects to work on are Pinterest or taking a stroll through A.C. Moore for inspiration.

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4. Take a Warm Shower

Nothing can make you happier than a nice warm shower. It's extremely relaxing, as well as mind-clearing. Along with that is the fact that one feels so much happier because they are all squeaky clean! Take a nice long shower too while you're at it, just make sure you don't use all the hot water!

5. Go Out to Eat at Your Favorite Place

Food is the key to happiness, especially when it's a favorite place or meal. Grab a friend or go alone, and treat yourself. We often downplay doing nice things for ourselves, when in fact that is one of the best things to do. In stressful times, it is so crucial to take time to just decompress and take care of ourselves. Even in non-stress filled times, it is important to focus on just you. Gif Source