HC Siena Alum Logan Porter: Your Go-To Sustainable Fashion Blogger

Logan Porter is one of our fabulous Her Campus Siena Alumni who is the writer behind her own sustainable fashion website called Peculiar Porter! Based in a small town in Connecticut, Logan has a passion for sustainability and finding ethically sourced products for style, beauty, and travel, and loves to write about it, too! Logan loves thrifting, traveling, and shopping locally and is in hopes of inspiring others to do the same to make the world a greener, healthier and better world for everyone! Here’s some posts from her website that you have to give a read!

  1. If you’re looking to up your thrifting game this spring, look no further than Logan’s thrift challenge list. Try going out and thrifting instead of hitting the mall next time you want to go shopping, and check off some of these challenges! If you end up with some good finds, be sure to post them on Instagram, tag Logan and use the hashtag #PortersThriftChallenge to share how you did!

  2. In this blog post, Logan talks about how impactful it is to shop small to help local businesses and families directly. She also unveils the fun of finding small businesses on Instagram and Etsy to find some really cool and unique items. Check out the article for the full list of small businesses that Logan recommends.

  3. For the month of March, Logan challenged herself to stop using single-use plastic cups. She comes clean and dishes out the stats for why single-use plastic is so bad for the environment. Over the course of her challenge, Logan found that it really wasn’t too bad asking baristas and waitresses to put her drinks in reusable cups. Plus, she has all kinds of suggestions for the cutest reusable water bottles, mugs, and bags out there!

Even though I just picked out a couple of Logan's blog posts to focus on, she writes all kinds of amazing posts about sustainable living all the time, so go check out the Peculiar Porter website for so much more! Hopefully her articles inspire you to be more mindful as a consumer and in your daily lives. Making little steps like Logan does to live sustainably will make the world a better place!