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Hannah Morley 21′, SAINT Orientation Leader

Hannah Morely is a senior marketing major here at Siena, and is doing everything she can to make her last year here the best it can be! As a member of the Class of 2021, Hannah is getting ready to graduate, and at the same time, trying to involve herself in as many Siena clubs and activities as she can! We caught up with Hannah to learn more about the SAINT orientation leader position she holds on campus this year!

Her Campus Siena: How excited were you to be an orientation leader for the incoming freshman and transfer students this year?

Hannah Morely: Very excited, because I’ve been wanting to work as an orientation leader since my freshman year. This year was the only time that it would work for me to apply and spend the semester with my saintees. I was excited to accept the position!

HCS: What did you like most throughout orientation?

HM: Through the orientation itself, I like that I got to be the students first impression of Siena as a college, and I was the example of a Siena student and how that person went about their day and the attitude that I held. In response to the new normal, I was able to set the tone for their Siena experience.

HCS: What was the toughest part of being a SAINT, and how did you overcome it?

HM: The toughest part was recognizing that your time was no longer your time, and once you start the training and orientation you are devoted to your saintees. I was running across campus to do anything they needed me for and I was there for them at all times. I really leaned on my roommates and other close friends in the SAINT’s group (especially the wellness saints) in order to help not only myself, but the sanitees as well.

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HCS: How did you connect with everyone in the group and make them feel welcomed?

HM: The biggest bonding event was Saga sitting outside at the dining tables, being able to end the day by eating dinner together and getting to know everyone by sitting around and talking. I also really loved doing different icebreakers when we had the time because it allowed me to get to know my group on a more personal level.

HCS: If you had to add your own event to orientation to make the freshmen feel more welcomed, what would it be?

HM: I would add back in a comedy show for humor and to loosen up all the freshmen on their first night of college! I remember my freshman year when we had the comedy show, and all the students were laughing and enjoying each others company. It also helped me to learn the types of humor people around me had, since I find myself to be very humor oriented that was important for me.

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HCS: What is the best advice you could give freshmen starting college?

HM: One thing that I would say is to never make assumptions about people or opinions in regards to anything ranging from stereotypes to political views. Face everything with an open mind. Another thing I would recommend would be to do something that absolutely terrifies you. Something that makes you so uncomfortable in the beginning will help you to grow so much from the person you were into the person you are slowly becoming. For me, that was joining the Bhangra dance team and now my teammates are some of my best friends.

HCS: What are some of your favorite things about Siena?

HM: My favorite thing about Siena is the Bhangra team and some of the opportunities I’ve been given both professionally and financially that I wouldn’t have been given anywhere else. I’m grateful for those specifically because without them, I would’ve never had the experiences I have had to this point. Siena is home, something about it just feels like such a community and being able to be a part of something that you’d never think you’d be a part of. You don’t end up anywhere you thought you would, but where you end up you’re so much more satisfied than anything you would have dreamed of doing before.

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Hannah is looking forward to enjoying her senior year on campus with her housemates and friends, and is ready to live every moment to the fullest even in uncertain times. Hannah is excited to start the next chapter of her life, but she will always bleed Siena green and gold no matter where she goes!

Jess is currently a senior Marketing major with a HR minor and Digital Marketing concentration at Siena College! She is apart of HerCampus, Lost in Sound A cappella, the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi and is a tour guide on campus! Some of her favorite things include the beach, Boston (and their sports teams), Disney, and being with family and friends!
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