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According to Urban Dictionarya "girlboss" is defined as, “A woman in control, taking charge of her own circumstances in work & life.” Simply, a girlboss is a woman who gets the job done, regardless of the obstacles that may appear along the way. She faces life head on and pays no mind to what others may think if it does not align with what makes her happy. A big part of being a girlboss deals with getting your life together, or at least feeling like moves are being made to get there. The following is a list of apps that all #girlbosses should have and are super helpful. So, ladies and gents, I hope you have some gigs of space left on your phones because you’re going to want to download these!  

1. Planoly

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This app is just absolutely amazing if you are someone who wants to seriously improve or upgrade their Insta game. Basically, this app allows you to plan your Instagram feed. It shows you a live version of your feed on the app and allows you to schedule posts and specific dates and times. You can add more posts to see what your feed would look like. This is super beneficial if you’re trying to follow a particular theme. Additionally, the app is also capable of providing you with Instagram analytics, which can help you find out when the best time to post is. There is also a stories feature that does all the same things, but with regard to your Insta story. Amazing app, highly recommend.

2. Canva

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This app is basically a free and easy-to-use graphic design tool that is typically used for social media posts. However, you can really use it for just about anything from birthday cards to posters, or even just a really nice addition to your vision board. While it is an app, there is also a desktop version that does give you even more options and variability in terms of how creative you can get with it, but the app works just as well. The images you create are also super easy to sync from your desktop to your phone so that they’re ready for you to post!


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3. Evernote

If you’re like me and you love making lists, or something about making lists helps you feel like suddenly your life is in perfect balance, this is an app you definitely want to get! This app is similar to the “notes” app on iPhones but Evernote is set up differently. Also, a major bonus is that Evernote allows you to voice record notes, which is extremely helpful if you’re in a rush.

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4. Headspace

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Recently, I have really tried to educate myself on meditation and yoga, things that have personally been very effective in keeping me at ease when the stresses of college and life, in general, begin to get a little overwhelming. Headspace is basically an app that provides users with guided meditations every day. You can set it up for how long you want it to be and the app sends you reminders and quotes that help you remember to meditate. This is a really good app to have if you’re a beginner, and have never meditated but may be interested in trying it out. As a side note, if you still want to try meditating without getting the app, I recommend you do a Youtube search for “guided meditation." There are plenty of great videos and resources available. No matter what wonderful things we tackle in life, it's extremely important that we approach those things with the right mindset and meditation has helped me with that tremendously.

5. Google Calendar

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I know what you’re thinking, this last one may not be all that “glitz and glam” but believe me, it is a serious lifesaver. So as I’m sure you already knew, or could have guessed, it’s a calendar. You can keep track of assignments, work schedules, class schedules, birthdays, upcoming events and plans you have. You can go hardcore and schedule your entire life by the hour (if you’re into that, #JudgmentFreeZone) or just schedule events and when you have assignments due. By having the app you’ll have access to your calendar at all times and you can make adjustments whenever you need. Also, another perk is that you can color code different things and even share your calendar with other people; which can be really great for group projects or making plans with friends.

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