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Freshman Dorm Series: Plassmann Hall

We’re back with more tips and tricks for living in the freshman dorms! Last, but certainly not least, we’re revealing all the inside info on Plassmann!

What we love about Plassmann:

  1. Closets! Each room in Plassmann has two built-in closets that provide good storage space, especially on top. These closets are great for storing boxes, bins, suitcases and other things you want to keep around, but might not use that often.

  2. Some Plassmann rooms have metal beds, which are perfect for stringing your battery operated string-lights around to give an ethereal glow to your room! (Insider tip: Bed risers are a MUST for metal beds – they raise your bed to a comfortable height and allow for more under-the-bed storage.)

  3. Plassmann is the closest dorm building to the library, making it a super-quick walk to print, study, or hang in the library! It’s also located pretty close to the MAC (the gym), giving you some extra motivation to go work out!

Places in Plassmann we love:

  1. Technically outside of Plassmann, but we love it all the same! Just outside Plassmann, there’s a gorgeous square with flower plots, stone benches, and a great view of the quad. It’s perfect for hanging out on a nice day!

  2. The lounge! Plassmann has a HUGE lounge on the first floor with plenty of comfy couches, a flatscreen TV, a foosball table, and a ping-pong table. You can grab some paddles and balls right from the RA office (as long as you return them!) A weekly Sunday night mass with Father Larry is also located right in this lounge, so you don’t even have to leave your building to go to church!

Insider tips & tricks for Plassmann:

  1. It’s hard at first sharing a bathroom with so many others. But don’t worry – you’ll get used to it. Within the first few weeks of school, try switching up your routine and see what works best for you! For example, if you like to blast your music and sing loudly in the shower, you might want to try showering in the afternoons. Or if you like to get ready with less people around, try waking up around 7 a.m. Figure out the rhythm and routine of your floor and then make a schedule for yourself that works for you!

  2. With 9 washers and 10 dryers for the whole building, sometimes laundry can be a little hard to accomplish! You may have to wait for a washer or dryer to free up, but luckily Siena has Laundry View, where you can see whether washers are free before you lug your laundry downstairs. Laundry View also lets you set up alerts so you know exactly when your laundry is done. To avoid waiting times, some of the best times to do laundry tend to be weekday mornings and weekday evenings!

Be sure to keep your door open and you’ll meet tons of new people, especially during the first few weeks of school! Plassmann is the largest of the freshman dorms and holds the most occupants. This means there are bunches of different people for you to meet and make friends with! Another plus to living in Plassmann: although reserved for sophomores and other upperclassmen, there are several 4-person and 6-person suites located on the 5th floor. This presents a great opportunity to get to know some older students, ask them questions about Siena, and make a variety of friends.

If you have any other questions that you want answered about Plassmann Hall or freshmen life in general, be sure to comment them on the Plassmann post on our Facebook page and make sure to look out for our other upcoming articles on freshman life at Siena!

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