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Finals Week as Highlighted by The Mindy Project

Ah, finals week– the true test of whether you’re strong enough to hang on to your sanity. Everyone’s thoughts are clouded with visions of restful nights, home-cooked food, and a world outside of the library. Our days are filled with incessant highlighting, repeated thoughts about dropping out, and more money than we’d like to admit spent on coffee. We wonder whether it’s even worth getting a degree and try our hardest not to give up and avoid all responsibilities via Netflix and Ben and Jerry’s– and although this stressful period is more than surviveable, it can certainly feel impossible to conquer. So, here are 15 feelings we all have at one point or another during finals week, as illustrated by Mindy Kaling and the cast of the Mindy Project.

1. Your professors keep reminding you that the end of the semester is rapidly approaching…as if you could forget.

2. You finally realize that you skipped a few classes too many and are actually weeks behind on the material.

Is it too late to start going to office hours?

3. Calling your mom, hoping for some last-minute comforting words:

Every bit helps.

4. Embracing your newly lax personal hygiene:

Dry shampoo is your best friend.

5. Having your third mental breakdown in two days…

6. …accompanied by an existential crisis and wondering if any of this is relevant to your career aspirations:

Only six semesters to go!

7. Offering comfort to your friend who is having a breakdown…

Been there, done that.

8. When reading day rolls around…

Where do I even begin?

9. Looking at your notes from  the middle of the semester and not recognizing the material:

10. The feeling of triumph when you actually crack down and get a decent amount of work done:

11. Feelings toward your 8am exam:

Or really any exam, for that matter.

12. You walk into your first final confident and ready to take on the world:

13. Staring blankly at your paper while everyone around you is scribbling furiously, and you feel like:

14. Halfway through your exam, you contemplate giving up and handing it in.

Right after you figure out the minimum number of points needed to pass.

15. Walking out of your last test like…


Equal opportunity dessert-consumer.
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