Feeling a Little Pale? Have No Fear, Bondi Sands is Here!

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Wondering how to transform yourself into a bronzed goddess, especially after a long winter and cold spring? Look no further than our favorite Australian self-tanning brand, Bondi Sands!

Being located in the middle of Antarctica (sorry for being dramatic… but the Albany-region is pretty cold during the winter), our legs have not seen the sun in months. But have no fear, Her Campus Siena has laid out some of the best self-tanning products in the market.

Why we love Bondi Sands

Besides it already being the #1 self-tanning brand in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, Bondi Sands’ products are super high quality, smell like beautiful coconuts straight from the Australian heavens, and leaves behind a gorgeous and natural looking tan.

Which products we love the most

Liquid Gold

True to its name, Liquid Gold is actually liquid gold. It is a spray that goes directly onto your skin, and is a self tanning dry-oil. It doesn't require you to rinse it... just spray, spread, and let dry! After a couple hours, you'll start to see the tan build, and it'll even last up to around a week. We also love it because it has hydrating Argan Oil in its formula, which makes it so moisturizing.

Tan Eraser

Sometimes, we get bad tans, or we don't *quite* let it dry enough before we get dressed. And then, you're left with a spotty or uneven look. However, Bondi Sands created the worlds first instant tan remover, and it contains no harmful ingredients! The foam gets applied to the skin, sits for five minutes, and then washes right away. We love this product because it's also super hydrating and leaves our skin feeling silky smooth.

Tanning Foam

Bondi Sands has three different shades of tanning foam -- Light/Medium, Dark, and Ultra Dark. With Bondi Sands' Application Mitt, applying the Tanning Foam is made *that* much easier! This foam leaves behind a natural looking and streak-free tan (as if we just walked off a beach in the middle of the Caribbean!). And not to mention, but this foam smells like fresh coconuts, and who doesn't love that??

Our Advice...

Try out these products! If you want to kick off the Summer of 2019 with a golden look, then look no further than Walgreens to buy your Bondi Sands products.