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Favorite Instagram Bloggers and Aesthetics

Social media platforms are in many ways a blessing and a curse. Instagram especially, really takes the cake when it comes down to the top preferred social media platforms. If you’re anything like me, you value the aesthetic and Instagram bloggers are killing it on that platform. Everything from fashion to beauty to lifestyle bloggers are featured in this article. So get your phone out, because you’re going to want to follow these people!

1. Katy Bellotte

A.K.A. HelloKaty on YouTube. Apart from that, she is a lifestyle blogger, has her own podcast series, is a designer, and is a part of the social media team at Loréal Paris. How does she do it all?! Katy Bellotte is a true content creator and I had to start with her because she is one of my absolute favorites. Her most recent posts involve details of how the city life is treating her and her impeccable fashion sense as well. Her current scheme follows a neutral color palette with a pop of red featured in almost every post.

Instagram: @katybellotte



2. Alicia Roddy

Alicia is a YouTuber and fashion blogger and her fashion sense is to die for. Her posts will definitely make you want to revamp your wardrobe. In many posts we see she mixes simple pieces, patterns and textures to make the best outfits. She sticks mainly to neutral tones but on occasion, we see she certainly isn’t afraid of pops of color. Just take a look!

Instagram: @lissyroddyy



3. Keri Fay

Keri Fay is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and her Instagram is everyone’s color goals. Her posts consist of vibrant pops of color, great fashion, elements of city living, and she frequently uses props and food with most of her posts.

Instagram: @kerifay



4. Jose Zuniga

Jose Zuniga is a YouTuber and an absolute expert in men’s fashion. I think it’s safe to say we can all appreciate when a man knows how to dress and, believe me, he knows a thing or two about it. Feel free to share this with any guy friends who can use some pointers in that area, thank me later!

Instagram: @teachingmensfashion



5. Kelsey Simone

Last, but certainly not least, Kelsey Simone is a YouTuber who focuses on fashion and beauty. Long story short, she is a queen of minimalism. Her posts consist of contrasting blacks and whites along with neutral tones. To put things into perspective, just scrolling through her feed makes me feel like I have my life together. If that isn’t talent, I don’t know what is.

Instagram: @k.els.e.y


Picking only five was so hard for me to do because there are so many amazing bloggers and Instagram aesthetics. So here are some of the ones that I am currently living for but didn’t make the list:


Honorable Mentions:

Charlotte Bridgeman- Instagram @Charlottebridgeman



Tess Christine- Instagram @Tesschristinexo



Drew Scott- Instagram @imdrewscott



Emily Vartanian- Instagram @emilyvartanian



Gergana Ivanova- Instagram @fashionismyfortee


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