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Empowering Yourself

Self-love is my favorite thing in the world. Yes, my ego is big enough to fill an entire football stadium but it wasn’t always like that. I struggled for years to accept myself and learn to love myself. And even though I love myself completely today, I still have trouble sometimes and need that validation from myself that I am ENOUGH. Especially during finals week at school, I find myself doubting my intelligence and how awesome I am. We all need validation from time to time in our lives whether it be over a heartbreak, school or on daily basis. Here are my favorite things to say to empower myself – this is for all the people out there that struggle to accept themselves and love themselves through their mistakes and self-testing times.

You are ENOUGH.

You are WORTH IT.

You have made it this far, you are surviving.

Everyone will love you even if you make mistakes.

You are a beautiful person inside and out.

You are so LOVED.

You are a rockstar.

I am so proud of you.

On your hardest days or even your best days, we all need validation from time to time. Just remember, through it all, you are loved and you are enough.

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