Dr. Jodi O'Donnell

Dr. Jodi O’Donnell’s active enthusiasm towards chemistry and willingness to help her students with the material has made her beloved amongst the student body. She is a great influence to the Siena science community. By being one of the few female chemistry professors on campus, Dr. O'Donnell proves that a woman can do whatever a man can....and maybe even better!



HC Siena: Number of years at Siena?

Dr. O'Donnell: 10 years.

HC Siena: Favorite Scientist?

Dr. O'Donnell: Rosalind Franklin

HC Siena: Favorite Element?

Dr. O'Donnell: Rhenium (Re)


HC Siena: Where are you from?

Dr. O'Donnell: Hummelstown, Pennsylvania.

HC Siena: What got you interested in chemistry?

Dr. O'Donnell: A high school teacher came and did an outreach program in 6th grade class and it fascinated me.

HC Siena: What is your favorite part about teaching at Siena?

Dr. O'Donnell: The students. Most importantly how Siena students are hardworking, honest and generally great to be around, they’re just nice kids.

HC Siena: What is your favorite subject to teach with in chemistry?

Dr. O'Donnell:  I love when I get to the point where I can tell my students how the chemistry impacts appearance, especially color. It is an advanced topic, it ties so many things together, but is really cool to teach when it is time.

HC Siena: What are your hobbies?

Dr. O'Donnell: I play the oboe in two different community ensembles. I play Ultimate Frisbee. I love indoor rock climbing, I have been doing that for about a year now. I also love to garden, cook and travel.

HC Siena: Any fun facts?

Dr. O'Donnell: I still pass as a college student after 12 years of teaching.