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Dorm Decorating 101

Decorating your dorm room was probably not the biggest priority for you going back to school this fall. There have been lots of other things going on, so I wanted to make sure I chose things that could be moved or taken down if they needed to be. I know a few people who did not decorate at all due to the unknown factor of whether or not we would be at school the entire semester. Here are some ideas and tips for how to easily decorate!

If Nature is Your Vibe

One of the easiest things I did to decorate my room was hang vines on the walls and ceiling. They were light enough so I only had to use tape, so then I could move them around or take them down if I needed to. They ended up looking super cute and it only took about five minutes to put up!

Light Up the Room

I absolutely love adding lighting to my dorm and there are many inexpensive ways to do so. You can get string lights almost anywhere, which are pretty simple to hang up with some command hooks since tape isn’t quite strong enough. Getting a decorative lamp for your desk or dresser can also brighten up your space.

Pictures on Pictures

I would highly recommend printing out lots of pictures with a theme to them. If you enjoy travel, pick out pictures of places you have been or places you want to go. If you miss your family and friends, print pictures of them to make a collage on your wall near your bed or desk to look at. You could put them on the wall in a specific shape, in lines, put them around your mirror, etc.

Paintings or Canvas

Buy a blank canvas or record and turn into a Bob Ross to make your own wall art! If you aren’t up for doing that, you can look online and find some paintings to make your room feel like yours. Try sticking with a certain theme or color to help them all go together.

Throw Pillows/Blankets

Getting some colorful blankets or pillows for your bed will make your dorm feel comfortable and warm. Pick out a variety of fabrics, making sure to include some fluffy ones that are soft! I got a huge, fuzzy, light blue pillow, a firm smaller turtle pillow, a tiny patterned pillow with different shades of blue, and a body pillow for up against the wall.

I love how my dorm turned out this year and am glad everything will be simple to take down or move if I want! There are many other options out there, but I hope some of these work for you!

Nikki is currently in her final year in the 3+1 Masters in Accounting Program at Siena College. She loves art, turtles, the color blue and italian food (especially her mom’s homemade spaghetti and meatballs). She is currently working towards her CPA and just accepted a full time position at The Bonadio Group with the Commercial Audit Team!
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