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Let’s face it ladies: most of us like to shop to some extent. Some make it a hobby, others decide to do it more frugally. Sometimes it’s been a rough week and we have to find the fine line between treating ourselves and being a hoarder. In an age where everyone is recluse and malls are dying, online stores like Amazon and eBay are becoming more and more popular for a variety of things: clothes, shoes, jewelry, used electronics, etc.

But finding a reputable buyer is tough. Sometimes the belongings you buy are broken or beyond repair. Sometimes the person you sell to demand a refund for no apparent reason, but you give their money back because you don’t want to deal with their bullshit...and sometimes you just don’t want to buy from and support their unethical treatment of their employees and fast paced consumerism…

Introducing - I kindly refer to it as classy eBay.


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It’s relatively simple. You download the app or pull it up on Google, create an account, put in your address, payment information, and if you plan to sell - you edit your profile.

Then the fun part begins - you can follow sellers. Some people make a living selling clothes, plushes, electronics, jewelry, etc. on Other people simply sell on there to make some extra money and clean out their house. You take pictures of the items, write a brief description, set a price, and add hashtags for search convenience, and then upload! It’s done! Your item is for sale. Sometimes it takes weeks to sell something and sometimes it takes a few hours. 

(Below is an example of what a store looks like, which is a screenshot of my favorite Youtuber: Kristen Leo)

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Whatever you like is saved in your “likes” folder. Most everything is reasonably priced, and shipping is standard. But be warned - there are no auctions, but things can sell real quick. So if you have your heart set on a limited edition Magneto pop for your friend - be prepared to buy it quick.

But the good news is that you can message sellers if they’d be willing to negotiate the price - and 90% of the time, they will say yes. Most people just want to sell their items and have it out of their house. 

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The fun part is that it’s easy to leave reviews, message, and sell! All transactions are through Paypal, which you have to link to your Depop.

When an item is sold, the seller receives a shipping label. They bring it to the post office, spend zero dollars shipping it (the buyer pays), and then plug in the shipping ID number to Paypal. The buyer can view where their shipment is - and they usually receive it within a week or two.

Back in late August, I bought a laptop and it was sent from Washington State to Update New York within four days. I was so surprised and grateful it arrived so quickly. I left a positive review, as most people do on Depop. It’s very rare to find a negative review on there - the staff is small enough where they usually take down reviews that are nasty.

I personally love It’s relatively simple to use, and you can find some wonderful niche items for yourself and for gifts. Most sellers will respond relatively quickly if you have a question about clothing sizes, how a product works, etc. You don’t really get that on eBay or Amazon. I love how I don’t have to fight over a bid or guess how much shipping is. I’ll continue to use this site for as long as I can. It's perfect for a broke college girl like me.