David Posner '18 - SAINT Orientation Leader

Maybe you’ve seen him in the science wings, around campus, or maybe he was your SAINT. Meet David Posner!  

Name: David Posner

Year: 2018 / Senior

Major: Biochemistry

Her Campus Siena: What do you love about Siena the most?

David Posner: It might seem cliche, but my favorite thing about Siena is the community. The time I’ve spent building relationships with professors, administrators and students has been so fun and really rewarding. I love my classes and the opportunities for growth in my career and in my personal life that are offered at this magnificent school.

HCS: Where did you go for study abroad?

DP: I went to Lyon in the south of France.

HCS: Where are you from?

DP: I am from many places. I was born in the Bay Area in CA, and moved to Mexico at an early age. After 11 years living there, I returned to the SF Bay Area and finished high school. Now I’m here.

HCS: What would you say to prospective students at Siena?

DP: ENJOY! You are in for the best four years of your life, yet. The people you will meet and the opportunities to be had here are incredible. Make the most of this place and you won’t be disappointed.

HCS: Any hidden talents?

DP: I can speak three languages and then a bit of a bunch others.

HCS: What are your goals?

DP: I just finished applying to M.D./Ph.D. dual programs (you get to become a physician and a research scientist). I hope to become a college professor and a physician, and work with marginalized communities and mentor tons of brilliant students.

HCS: What is your best quality?

DP: I aim to be as friendly as possible. Sometimes I get stressed with class, but I try to laugh it off and survive through my craziness.

HCS: Favorite movie genre?

DP: I love fantasy movies, classics like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc. I also really like foreign weird films in French.

HCS: Favorite artist?

DP: Big Adele fan right here, but in general I love tons of artists. I also listen to a lot of Spanish music, Calle 13, Jesse & Joy, La Oreja de Van Gogh, etc.

HCS: One thing you would love to change about the world?

DP: I would love to contribute to helping poor, underserved communities have access to free, quality health care. This is inspired in work I have done in the past in South Africa, the Dominican Republic and Mexico.