Creative Diary Writing…Without all the Cliché

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If Diary of a Wimpy Kid, or Dear Dumb Diary didn’t make you want to start your own journal or diary when you were younger then obviously, you’re lying to yourself. On the other hand, its no secret that diaries have built up the reputation for being lame or cheesy - and honestly - understandably so. I’m here to say they don’t have to be! While writing in a diary or journal is not only therapeutic and a great way to vent about all your college stresses, they can also be super cute and fun. There are plenty of ways to make a journal and diary unique to you!

  1. 1. Set the Vibe

    It is so easy to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a “cute” diary: something with a generic fancy pattern that every other person probably has in the exact same design. Your diary or journal is going to become an externalized part of you, so you might as well treat it as such! For my own journal, I bought the cheapest, plainest one I could find at Barnes and Nobles for $10 and then went OFF on Redbubble to personalize it with super cute stickers! I tried to go for ones that reflected a positive attitude, or my personality and writing, but its completely up to you to decorate it as you choose! This will set your diary/ journal completely apart from anyone else’s; its true to you. Oh, and also colorful pens. You can never have too many colorful pens.

  2. 2. Switch Up the Format

    Nothing sounds more juvenile than writing “Dear Diary” before delving into all of your deepest darkest secrets. So, come up with your own! Thinking about what you want your content or style to be will help you come up with your structure. For example, my journal is mostly just life updates of what’s going on that day. I started my journal to look back on one day, maybe give to my kids for life advice, so I address each entry to my future self and consider this point of view as I write. Your format doesn’t have to be anything too complex, but coming up with something original is just another way to spice up your writing.

  3. 3. Try Different Content

    Writing about the same stuff day after day gets old real quick. There are other ways to express yourself besides the typical diary entry. Try writing poetry, song lyrics or even short stories to switch things up! Or if you’re more artistically savy (unlike myself) include doodles or sketches to either correspond with or instead of a typical entry. What I like to do is add song lyrics or quotes I find that may reflect how I’m feeling during a certain entry. Just another little thing to make your journal a little more you.

When the stresses of college and life get the best of you, it’s really important to set aside the assignments and the drama for a couple of minutes and focus on you. Starting a diary or journal is the perfect release for all your built-up feelings, and one day, it’ll give you something to look back on and see how far you’ve come. And now you can do it with style!