Copycat Recipes of Chain Coffee Places

Need some inspiration for recipes that compare to the chain coffee places we all love? Below are some drink combinations that are comparable to the ones made by local and chain coffee places.

  1. 1. Starbucks' Iced Caffe Latte 

    This recipe is a hot coffee alternative that also gives off a sweet taste. Starbucks has been changing up their menu and adding in some new flavors to try, but this is one of the original drinks that they have always had. It is more of a traditional styled latte with a creamy texture. This is one of the drinks that got me interested in other coffee flavors outside my comfort zone. 

  2. 2. Spiced Chai

    Chai is an acquired taste for some, but this drink can be made during all the seasons (hot or iced). This drink isn't for everyone due to its "spicy" flavor. If you're into tea or other warm drinks, this one might be a good fit for you. In the peak of winter this drink will certainly bring warmth. However, one of the similar drinks offered is this recipe poured over ice (a personal fave!). Link for this drink is here.

  3. 3. Holiday Peppermint Mocha

    Starbucks offers this holiday drink around the winter season, and many of us don't want to wait until next year. Not only does this drink have the signature peppermint flavor, it can be made all year round. The mixture of chocolate and peppermint not only go together, they enhance each other's flavors, giving a unique taste.

  4. 4. Mocha Frappé

    This blended drink can satisfy the craving for both a smoothie and coffee. Many flavors can be added or substituted to this recipe such as carmel, vanilla, and hazelnut. I have been getting this drink for yours, but making your choice of beverage at home more isn't only more affordable, it is also sustainable in that you are using reuseable products. 

  5. 5. Iced Matcha Latte

    matcha latte

    Matcha is more of a tea flavor, but is very good iced or hot. It took me a while to really like the flavor of matcha, but now that I have my matcha powder a home it is much easier to make the drink to my liking. This drink isnt for everyone, but I encourage you to give it a try!

I hope you enjoy these recipes, and maybe change them up to make them your own!