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Was the Conspiracy palette worth throwing a laptop across your bed, wasting $60, stressing over the site crashing? YES!!! If you are a true Jeffree Star or Shane Dawson fan then yes, everything was worth it. Today I will be reviewing the conspiracy palette and what it was like when the package was delivered to me. Stay tuned to see if this palette was Alex approved!

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The Delivery

If you ordered anything from this launch, you had to wait at least two weeks to get your package. Many people had to wait longer, and some had issues with their order. I got lucky, and somehow my package managed to get to Siena in two short weeks. When I got the email I had a package, I ran to the post office on campus freaking out. I had watched many videos of people buying the products in stores and some palettes were broken. I was worried that my palette would come broken because of the mail system. After retrieving my package, I went to get lunch and my roommates met me in line, we were all screaming. 

The Opening

I was frantically opening the package in line for lunch with my roommates trying to help. I threw the empty box at my roommate and ripped open the Jeffree Star box. IT WAS HERE!!! The wait had finally ended, and I was holding the infamous Conspiracy palette. There were two girls in front of us in line who were freaking out with us saying how lucky I was to get this palette. I almost started crying I was so happy, all the time I put into watching the documentary series, and the love I had for Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson was worth it. The palette was the most beautiful makeup palette I had ever seen. I started swatching the palette when we got back to our room. Keep in mind that I know absolutely nothing about makeup. I barely do my own makeup as it is and when I do only use concealer and mascara.

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This palette was everything and then some. The pigment was perfect, the colors were stunning. My two favorite shades are Just a Theory and Sleep Paralysis, they work well for an everyday type of look. There have been some negative stigma surrounding the palette because some people do not think this palette is wearable. They think the colors are too much and can’t use them everyday. The packaging of the palette was very unique, nothing anyone has ever seen before. It felt heavy, which is a good thing, it means it is good quality (a.k.a. expensive). For the price of this palette, I personally think it was worth it. Although the price is high, you get everything you want: a durable palette that will last you forever.

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Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson put their blood, sweat, and tears into this launch. Every tiny detail they put in does not go unnoticed. I personally think everyone should own this palette because there are so many different looks you can create with it. 

So, is this palette Alex approved?  

It is!

The Conspiracy Palette is Alex approved!

You can get the Conspiracy Palette at Jeffree Star Comestics for $52, it is currently sold out. 

Alexandra is currently in her third year at Siena College on the path of communications marketing. She loves hanging out with her friends, family, and playing tennis. Instagram: alexandragazdik
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