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A College Student’s Emotions Explained Through Song

1. “Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars

For those of you who have a very close relationship with your bed, the struggle of parting with it to go to class is a very difficult one. The thought of having to get up to go to class sometimes even makes you more tired! Even more lazy!

2. “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham!


And we all know those mornings after we stay up late studying OR stay up late binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix and can’t exactly wake up to the six alarms going off…so count on that roommate for waking you up before they go!

3. “Keep Holding On” by Avril Lavigne

Let’s say you get to class on time after rushing to brush your teeth, crazily putting on any clothing item you can find, and sprinting to your seat in class. You’ve been in class for what seems to be an eternity, but then you look at the time and only half of the class has gone by…no matter how difficult it may be for you to stay focused, as Avril Lavigne would tell you, just keep holding on.

4. “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

In the last five minutes of that class, your professor hands back an assignment that you submitted a few weeks ago and….IT’S AN A! What could possibly keep you from being happy now!?


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5. “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots

Fast forward to the end of the day, you take a look at everything you have to do that night on top of everything you pushed off the night before and suddenly that grade earlier that morning doesn’t seem so calming after all. UGH. As Twenty One Pilots would say, now we’re stressed out.

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6. “Young Dumb and Broke” by Khalid


For those of you who enjoy life’s luxuries, like Starbucks or clothes, it is very difficult to resist the temptations of spending money! But, when you go to open up your wallet and see nothing but an old receipt and maybe a penny, if you’re lucky, Khalid comes to mind. No longer are you a young, dumb broke high school kid but now an even-more-broke college student just trying to enjoy the simple things in life!

7. “Coaster” by Khalid

As many of us know, each day at college is a little different. Some days are more emotional than others. We are happy one day and sad the next and stressed the next! Emotions go up and down and down and up, but that’s OK! We are all on similar rides. We just have to learn how to experience these ups and downs and take them for what they are. We are all on a roller coaster of our own and we decide how each movement affects us.

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8. “Clarity” by Zedd

For those of you foodies out there, wouldn’t you agree that you find a sort of clarity from eating food that brings you happiness? I would have to agree, especially when I am able to have pizza on Wednesday night even if that means I have to wait on the Piazza line for an hour! Cause you (pizza) are the piece of me I wish I didn’t need (cause I want to be more healthy)!

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9. “All Time Low” by The Wanted, “Keep Your Head Up” by Andy Grammer, “The Show Goes On” by Lupe Fiasco


So, when it’s time to rest after this long and task-filled day of yours, you reflect. You might feel you’ve reached an all-time low, but you know that everything will be okay and you have to keep your head up. Tomorrow is another chance to conquer your goals because you know what? The show goes on alright.

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