Celebrity Style that We Need to Take into 2020

Sometimes I wish I was a celebrity so I could wear an elaborate outfit any day of the week and no one bats an eye. And it seems like 2019 was the year that the celebrities who had a low style game came ready to bat.

Although, 2019 was not kind to most of us (and 2020 is already NOT my year), it was the year of good street style, celebrities embracing a different kind of fashion, and fashion hitting its peak. And here are the list of celebrities that I think won the fashion game, and should definitely be watched in 2020.

Kourtney Kardashian

I have to say, Kourtney Kardashian’s style was never one I wanted to imitate. It didn’t speak to me at all, and honestly I thought it was boring and not excited. Well 2019 proved me wrong. Kourtney Kardashian upped her style game and blew me away.

Here are my favorite 2019 outfits from her:

Image Source

This white mini fits her so well, and it’s such a fun beach piece! Although her sandals are a bit lackluster, and in my opinion, should have matched the bag or the dress, they don’t take away from the outfit.

The tiny bag is (always) to die for (Lizzo, anyone?). And the yellow is a bright pop of color to pull together this Italian beach day look. Her dress, shoes, and bag are by Jacquemus – which I’ve never heard of – but after a quick Google search, all I can say is: I hope Kardashian continues to wear this brand, and one day I can afford it.

Image Source

This has to be one of my favorites look of 2019 across the board. Kourtney usually goes for a toned down, minimalist style, but the PCA’s she wore this glittery suit. And can we talk about a POWER SUIT! Everyone was talking about Kim’s dress, but the real Kardashian winner was Kourtney. She clearly gets the memo that glitter never hurt nobody!

I would live and die in this dress.

This suit is made by Naeem Khan, another designer I’ve never heard of, but damn does Kardashian look SO good!

Timothée Chalamet

Now you’re probably wondering why I would put a male on my list. Timothée Chalamet not only is being praised a new style icon, but he deserves it! I remember reading somewhere that Chalamet dresses himself for events, which means he can go from looking like a total trash bag to runway model. Either way, Chalamet always looks great, and we love a man who plays around with feminine pieces!

Image Source

Here’s he’s wearing a grungy take on traditional business causal. Take the pieces apart and you have Chalamet wearing a nice gray button up shirt with hidden buttons, and a nice pair of gray slacks. But it put it together with a coral belt and black boots, and it’s not something you’d see walking around a corporate office. It’s corporate attire…but make it ~ fashion ~

Chalamet is wearing Haider Ackermann.

Image Source

Like a said, he can go from trash bag to runway model (or in this case, it’s the opposite). Chalamet wore this look on the Little Women Press Tour, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. When you look at what his costars are wearing, he’s drastically out of dress code, but that makes me love him even more! Chalamet dares to bare a new fashion sense. Taking an oversized t-shirt to a high fashion event is going to be my new vibe for 2020. Timothée Chalamet just became my new spirit animal!

Image Source

So, let’s talk about this! As I said, I love a man who dips into his feminine side when it comes to fashion! And guess what, ladies and gentlemen? TIMOTHÉE CHALAMET IS WEARING WOMENSWEAR. This suit is made by Stella McCartney, which means it’s sustainable too!

Okay, okay…I could spend all day talking about Timothée Chalamet’s style game (maybe a different article!), so I’ll just list off my other favorite Chalamet looks: the gray Haider Ackermann suit at the King perimere (we love a cinched waist), and the Haider Ackermann blue monochrome look (monochrome needs to last FOREVER).

I might just have to say the Haider Ackermann is my new favorite designer!

Miley Cyrus

I’ve always loved Miley Cyrus. I think she’s a great singer and I’ve grown to love her style (well, the toned down version anyways).

Image Source

This has got to be my favorite look of hers in 2019! Although, I couldn’t pull off leather, I have to say I love it on her. The white tank with the layered jewelry and the cool belt just make it ten times better! Image Source

Miley seems to be all about black recently, and I can’t complain. She even looks great in a black slip dress, making all of us want to look that good in one!

Taylor Swift

You can tell from my bio that I LOVE Taylor Swift! And her style game is so good too! She went for the pink vibe while promoting her newest album Lover, which if you haven’t listened to, go listen to it! But not only was she wearing pastel colors, but bringing in a more sophisticated style while doing it!

Image Source

Okay, so first off, I adore the sparkly pink shorts! The professional blazer with a fun pant really show off that she is the all powerful Taylor Swift, but still youthful and fun. I love that she mixed prints (in the right way), and although I could go without the shoes, I think this works great all together!

Image Source

Anyone who doesn’t think this outfit is good, need to go reevaluate their lives and realize that Versace is EVERYTHING! This outfit got mixed reviews, but honestly I loved it from the very moment I saw it. It’s such a Versace print, but not overpowering. I think it looks wonderful on here, and it’s definitely another outfit I would DIE in.

2019 Selena Gomez

I have to say it: I’ve never been a fan of Selena Gomez until now. Her Rare album was amazing, and her promotional outfits were everything.

Let’s dive into her 2019 Rare outfits!

Image Source

First and foremost, you can’t go wrong with a gray blazer. And second, a red lip is never wrong!

Although I don’t care for the shoes, I do appreciated a comfort one!

Image Source

You’re probably not surprised that this is here. I loved Taylor’s sparkly shorts, so I definitely fell in love with Selena’s gold pants! I love that she paired it with neutral colors to highlight her pants as the main focus! And I also love that she choose a chunky black boot!

James Charles

Okay, I don’t care what you have to say, JAMES CHARLES HAS STYLE, BABY! He can choose a controversial outfit (*cough, cough* Coachella), but he still pulls it off!

Example A:

Image Source

This dress is beautiful! And it allowed his masculine frame to bring a little femininity to it. I love that he kept his makeup and shoes minimal to allow the dress to speak for itself!

Image Source

So many of you didn’t like this outfit, and I have to say: y’all wrong. End of story.

Erin Lim

I bet you didn’t expect to see her on here. Well, she deserves it. If you’re like me and religiously watches the Rundown, you know who Erin Lim is. And she’s always an A+ on her style game!

Image Source

A blazer that a dress? A dress that’s a blazer? Nothing compares. Literally nothing! We support!

Image Source

If I could wear this dress every day of my life, I would! Wearing a little black dress is always a good idea, but add cutouts and gold detailing and it becomes a fashion statement. Never underestimate the power of a black dress and some scissors!

Antoni Porowski

Antoni looks good no matter what he wears. Thank you Queer Eye for giving us Antoni Porowski.

Image Source

Like Chalamet, Porowski likes to play with fashion and prints. Although it’s not his best look, I always find myself coming back to it because it was such a bold move!

Well there you go! 2019 was the year of good fashion choices, and let’s hope these stars continue to impress in 2020.