Can Taylor Swift Release New Music Already, I'm Impatient!

This girl has been teasing us RELENTLESSLY on social media, having us count holes in fences as part of a theory about when she was going to release new music, only to be wrong. Yet, we all know Taylor joining social media again means the next era is upon us.

So, can we have new music already? I’m impatient!

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Taylor Swift rejoined us on social media with her New Year’s Eve Party and 20wineteen. And she has shared aesthetically pleasing photos of all of her gorgeous dresses during award season. And of course, we cannot forget the seven palms trees, her sitting on the sixth step, and the five holes in the fence, which gave birth to the theory that she were releasing music on that upcoming Friday. But there wasn’t a day four picture, and our dreams were shattered.

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That following Wednesday (February 23), we were not graced with new music, but a new Elle Magazine cover. Slightly disappointed, as all of us Swifties wanted to hear a new single, but still better than nothing. She wrote a few essays for the magazine, one titles “For Taylor Swift, Pop is Personal” and “30 Things I Learned Before Turning 30.”

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But did Ms. Swift stop teasing her fanbase after that?

N O P E !

Anyone that follows Taylor Swift knows she doesn’t just post a picture to social media just for the hell of it. And after the iHeartRadio awards, it has me wondering: WHAT DO THE BUTTERFLIES AND RAINBOWS SYMBOLIZED???

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All of this just makes me want a new single even more! I need to know what the new era is going to be about? Is she going to write an entire album about her boyfriend Joe Alwyn? Will she spill the beans on their relationship and the supposed proposal coming up? Will it be a reflection on her life before she turns 30?

I need to know! Like really need to know, Taylor!

But until then, us Swifties have the Cats movie to look forward to, new Instagram posts, and hopefully new music coming out!

Someone break out the 2019 Taylor Swift calendar so we know when the next seal comes up!!!