Butch Keneston, Friar Caretaker

My father has always set a great example of what hard work can get you. He is one of the most hard-working and driven people I know and look up to. It just so happens that he works at the same college that I attend, Siena College. I still remember when we all went out as a family to celebrate when he was offered his position at Siena. He was ecstatic to find out that I was accepted into the College as well. I always felt comforted throughout my years at Siena that he was only a couple of buildings away. He has a very unique position at the college and his efforts to attain the position have always inspired me.   

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Her Campus Siena: Why did you decide to apply for a position at Siena College in the first place?

Butch Keneston: So that my daughter could have an opportunity to go to outstanding college without massive amounts of student loan debt.

HCS: What is your official title?

BK: Friar Caretaker. It was a new position that the Friars never had filled before when I first applied for the job.

HCS: How long have you worked at Siena College?

BK: Eight years and counting. 

HCS: What does a typical day for you entail?

BK: Stocking all supplies for the Friars, making sure they have everything they need, keeping the Friar home clean and neat.

HSC: What is your favorite thing about working at Siena College?

BK: Being able to take care of the Friars and be surrounded by the loving and kind people that they are.

HCS: Any advice on what you should strive for when looking at career options?

BK: Don't base what job you choose over how much money you earn. Money doesn't mean anything if you are miserable doing your job every day. Find a career that makes you fulfilled and happy.

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My father has always set a great example of what a work ethic should like that. He has sacrificed a lot for me and has always worked hard for what we have. He serves as a great reminder and inspiration to me that I should have a career that makes me happy instead of searching for one strictly based on salary. Something my father always says is "if you do work you enjoy you will never work a day in your life", and he is a prime example of how that can be true. Some people might detest having a parent work on their college grounds but if anything my father close to me just serves as a reminder to myself to work hard at what I do so my parent's sacrifices pay off. 

Having a father that you can look up to is one of the best feelings in the world. He loves working with the friars every day and it's obvious that he respects and upholds their values and beliefs. As he has stated numerous times, the friars are wonderful people to be surrounded by and their humble way of life has definitely influenced my father to be a more forgiving and happy father. I was nervous at first that my father working at my college would limit my freedom but thats not the case at all. If anything, his presence so near to me just motivates me more to do the best I can do. I will respect and admire his decision to work in an environment that makes him truly fulfilled and happy.