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A Bucket List for Siena Freshmen

Looking to make the most of the Siena expeience during your first year? Here are a couple of our favorite Siena-related activities.

1. Go to a basketball game.

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Even if you’ve never been a big basketball fan, Siena will turn you into one. Nothing beats seeing the huge Times Union Center packed with peers and alumni in green and gold. Signing up for the Dog Pound (imleagues.com) gives you transporation and access to all games, seating in the student section, and a free t-shirt!

Bonus points: take the earliest bus to get seating right on the court!

2. Join a club for yourself.

As a freshman, it can be hard to join something that your friends aren’t involved in. Join it anyway. It’s important to keep up your interests, and joining the club will expose you to like-minded people, expanding your friend circle.

3. Go to an SEB/SNL event (Bingo, coffeehouse).

SEB/SNL offer alternative programming options each weekend, spanning from arts and crafts night, bringing performers to campus, or sponsoring off-campus trips. Pro tip: Show up early to Bingo nights because when the prize is a flat screen TV, you better believe the SSU will fill up.

4. Get an omlette from Limmie.

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No explanation needed. Just make sure you show up to breakfast early.

5. Study on the quad on a nice day.

Northeastern weather allows about 3 weeks in total of acceptable weather for you to do this. Bring a blanket, the book you’re going to pretend to read, and some speakers. Favorite places to do this are Siena beach (in front of the library) and Padua beach (in front of Padua).

Bonus points: look like you’re having an extra fun time to get photgraphed by the Siena photographer who is often wandering about on these days.

6. Party on Padua beach.

In warm weather, the beach is full of Kan Jam games, sun bathers, and general socializing. SEB/SNL also tend to sponsor DJs and other events out there.

7. Watch a big sporting event in Casey’s.

Two words: Super Bowl. There’s free pizza and wings, and with all those new TVs installed this year, it’s sure to be a packed event again.

8. Go to Siena Fest.

This event is practically unmissable. This end-of-the-year party weekend is full of free food, a big concert on campus, amazing outfits, and socializing because everyone will be out destressing.

Bonus points: Take whatever the theme is to the extreme (outfits, decorations, anything…). We hear rumors that this year might be Margaritaville…

9. Have a friend from home visit you.

You’ll miss your friends from home, but nothing is better than reuniting by immersing them into your new world. The Siena community is so welcoming that they’ll feel like they’re leaving a second home at the end of their visit.

10. Go to a free fitness class on campus.

The MAC and Women’s Center sponsor free classes such as Zumba, yoga, and even P90X. 

11. Adventure around the Albany area.

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The 182 CDTA bus route takes Siena students right into the heart of Albany. Areas like Lark Street and Pearl Street offer plenty of dining, live music, and art options. The ride there is even free, because your Saint card doubles as a bus pass!

12. Take the shuttle to Crossgates.

On gloomy days, there’s no better way than to spend a whole day at the mall, shopping, eating, and maybe even watching a movie or seeing a comedy show. Feel like a high schooler again riding the free shuttle bus there!

13. Go to Piazza and eat an entire pizza by yourself.

They’re personal pizzas so it’s okay! Piazza is so popular that you should be prepared to wait for at least half an hour.

14. Take a picture with Bernie.

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Are you a true SAINT if you don’t have a picture with Bernie?

15. Actually go to a professor’s office hours.

Go to ask for help on an assignment, leave finding out that you and your professor like all of the same TV shows and both hate peppers. Office hours are not only a great way to show your motivation and concern for a class, but also the best way to cultuvate relationships with professors (who can help you out with reccomendations and job searches in the future).

16. Participate in Community Service Day.

Siena’s Franciscan tradition emphasizes service on the daily, but a day devoted to campus wide service is unique to this school. 

Bonus points: Particpate in CSD with a group of strangers; you get to help the community, and make new friends who are also interested in service.

17. Go to a lecture/seminar/performance on campus that’s not required for a class.

This is the essence of what college is all about: taking advantage of any opportunity to learn. You’ll never find yourself in a better position to take advantage of events like this than during your four years at Siena.

18. Go to Sunday mass at least once, even if you aren’t religious.

Faith is a big part of the Siena tradition, so making the effort to understand the teachings, and how they can apply to anyone, connects you even more to Siena’s mission.

Bonus points: if Fr. Larry is giving mass. Be prepared to laugh and be an active listener.

19. Decorate your room/door for your holiday.

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The more holiday spirit, the better! You’d be surprised by how invested people get in their decorations, especially the townhouse residents. 

Bonus points: Create a decorating competition between your neighbors/hall mates.

20. Go to the Grotto.

The Grotto is a great place to escape the chaos of the rest of campus and self reflect, something first year students often forget to do.

21. Attend an ugly Christmas sweater party.

Arguably the best parties of the year. Get your sweater early on at Walmart for a budget-friendly price!

22. Take lots of pictures!

Trust us, you’ll want to look back on all of these memories.


Emma is a senior English major, Writing and Communcations minor, and CC of Her Campus Siena. An aspiring editor for a fashion magazine, she dreams of one day having a stylish apartment in the Upper East Side complete with her ultimate shoe closet. Emma also documents everything about her life from her winged eyeliner and OOTD's to her latest adventure or iced coffee run on her blog, emmaburkard.com, and her Instagram @emmaburkardd.
Susana is co-CC for the Her Campus at Siena chapter. She is a senior English major from Westchester, NY.  Her love of languages and wriitng led her to declare a double minor in Italian and Writing and Communications. Post-grad Susana plans on pursuing a career in TESOL teaching and eventually returning to the TESOL publsihing field after an internship with Oxford University Press.  She enjoys traveling, hiking, live concerts, and foodie adventures.  Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @susana0hria.
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