The Bliss Skincare Products I Can't Live Without!

I’ve written so much about Bliss skincare products, and it’s because I love this brand so much! Those of you who have read my multiple articles regarding skincare, you know by now that Her Campus introduced me to the brand, and I cannot thank them enough for it.

I’ve gotten so many other people hooked on Bliss’ products that I’m basically an unofficial brand ambassador Bliss doesn’t even know they have!

Let’s start with the rundown: Bliss is a cruelty free, mostly vegan skincare brand that only deals with clean products, meaning no parabens, formaldehydes or plastic micro-beads, and 1300 other ingredients that are bad for your skin. By now, most skincare gurus and fanatics will know that America is way less strict than places like Europe when it comes to standards and ingredient lists. Good news for you! Bliss, an American company, follows the European Union standards, which has the highest safety standards in the world! As for vegan products, 90 percent of their skincare is vegan and 100 percent of their products are never tested on animals. Good news for vegans, Bliss has pledged to make their skincare products 100 percent vegan by this year.

Their products are also spa-proven, and you can even go to their own spas. The originally one being founded in New York City.

And for people like me who are actively trying to reduce their plastic waste, don’t mind the hard-plastic packaging Bliss uses for their skincare products. Although not housed in glass, which is easy enough to recycle and/or reuse, Bliss has thought of everything. A lot of their products can be locally recycled, indicted with the 1 or 2 inside the recycle symbol on the bottle. And for those items that can’t (and even the ones you can!), like lids, pumps, and droppers, Bliss has partnered with TerraCycle, a easy to use, ship-to-them recycling company that finds new and innovative ways to recycle your products, meaning you can create zero waste from your Bliss skincare products! And your old skincare containers might even turn into a park bench one day. How cool is that! I didn’t even know they did this, but I’ll certainly be stockpiling my old, empty Bliss containers and participating in this program.

All you have to is register an account of TerraCycle’s website, rinse out your empty Bliss skincare containers, box them up, slap on TerraCycle’s pre-paid label, and ship them out!

And even better, Bliss is truly affordable for any gal. Most products range around $15, but can go to $27.

Now onto the holy grail – the skincare products!

  1. This is the greatest serum of all time. I absolutely adore this product and even bought it for my mom’s birthday. It’s has a nice consistency when applied, doesn’t feel heavy on the face, and it really does help brighten you skin!

    You can buy this product on Bliss’ website for $27 or at Target stores for $24.99.

  2. This was the first Bliss skincare product I ever tried, and it sealed the deal for me. Not only does it smell amazing, but my mom even came up to later that day and asked me if I had done anything different to my face. Just used this awesome mask! It really does instantly brighten you skin. And for those of you who do not like drying masks that make your skin feel super tight, Bliss is the way to go. None of their masks truly dry down completely, leaving your skin feeling moisturized, not dry and in instant need of a moisturizer.

    This whipped mask contains marshmallow root extract, which hydrating and brightening. It also revives dull skin and smooths uneven skin tones. This product is also vegan.

    You can try this product in a sample size for $5 on Bliss’ website or at Target. The full size product is $15.

  3. My sister got me this for Christmas and I have to say, I like it. It’s a quick mask (only five minutes!) and foamy, so it makes your skin feel really clean afterward. The liquid-to-foam formula allows the oxygen to activate on your skin, making your skin glowy and supercharged.

    It is currently on sale at Bliss for $13!

  4. This is another one my sister bought me for Christmas, and now I’m hooked for life. It makes your skin feel so smooth and soft, it’s incredible! Willow bark is known for tightening pores and refining texture, all the while, still hydrating your skin.

    You can buy this product from Bliss for $20.

  5. Every girl needs a good toner in her life, but does your toner also act as a serum? Bet not! Bliss just released their Clear Genius line not too long ago, and focuses it on great ingredients without the add colors!

    Toners work great as a base for your skincare routine, stripping pores of unwanted garbage, leaving a clean base to apply all your products. Add the serum part and it allows this product to not dry out your skin, but add an extra layer of protection.

    This product can be bought at Bliss for $18, Target for $12.99, or at Walmart for $12.97.

  6. They can be brought together in a travel-sized kit or separate in full sized bottles, but these two are a power couple. The AM serum contains hyaluronic acid, with is a super-hydrator, and the PM serum contains Glycolic Acid, which is a non-abrasive exfoliator.

    This product can be purchased at Bliss for $22 (AM full-sized), $25 (PM full-sized), or $15 (travel-sized duo), as well as other places, like Target.  

Overall, Bliss is an amazing skincare brand that is actively working to create the best, clean, vegan skincare products, while actively taking care of the environment and its customers too.

With such affordable prices, I can’t see why you wouldn’t make a Target run today for these amazing products!