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Best Parts of Living with My Best Friends

Senior year of college is incredible so far–busy–but nonetheless, it’s the most fun I’ve had yet. Living in the townhouses is awesome, you never know which friend is walking into your house. It’s like living in a neighborhood with all your favorite people. All summer everyone told me, “Enjoy senior year! It goes by so fast!! You will miss it so much!” And the whole time I was like yeah, yeah, yeah, I know but it really does fly by. One of the best things about this year is living with my girlfriends that are like family. It’s so comforting to be with people that I can be my complete self around and talk to about anything, whether it be my outfits, school work, or me complaining! Here’s what the best parts of living with my best gal pals are:

1. They will always be down for a late night chat session


2. They will always be there to be the deciding factor on your outfit or piece of clothing you’re unsure about.


3. When no one else wants to go to the bar…you can be sure that they will.


4. They will always be there to hug you during a bad day or when you just need to cry.


5. Bumping hips in the kitchen when you’re making breakfast or dinner together and laughing.


6. They will always be there to tell you the dinner you made was the best dinner ever (even if the chicken was a tad raw). 


7. They will always be there after a night out to make frozen pizza or some sort of greasy food in the oven with you.


8. I can be my complete, humorous, loud self around them and I feel like it’s a completely safe space.


9.  I can be absolutely honest with them when I’m unhappy or upset about something.


10. Above all, no matter what, they are the girls that will be there during the long days, nights out and the morning after. They’re the people who love me unconditionally.

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